About ASA

Founded in 1989, ASA Automotive Systems is the leading developer and provider of on-premise and cloud based shop-management systems and services for more than 3,000 independent tire dealers, retreaders, and automotive service and repair shops across North America.

As an industry leader for nearly 30 years, ASA delivers products based on decades of industry experience, customer feedback, and our drive to innovate. We believe that new challenges demand new solutions, so we are constantly innovating and updating our products.

ASA’s industry-leading software family, TireMaster, continues to dominate the marketplace because of its ability to serve all sectors of the market; retail, commercial, wholesale and retread. The tools it provides are comprehensive enough to service large,multi-store operations with digital sales components, but they are also perfectly aligned to make single-store operators just as competitive.

Why TireMaster Matters

TireMaster leads the tire and auto service industry because our solutions are intuitive, competitive, and meet current industry trends. . Not a "one-size-fits-most" software product, TireMaster is fully customizable according to your business needs and plans for growth. Its intuitive design allows for full integration of all delivery components, including inventory control, accounting, manufacturer and retread integration, and point-of-sale entry.

No other software solution gives you total control over your business, from quoting to inventory, from service scheduling to payment processing. TireMaster is the perfect solution for single locations who have outgrown spreadsheets to the largest 100+ store chains looking for systems that are easy to integrate, have strong integrated accounting and competitive customer tools.

ASA was the first in the industry to provide a cloud-based solution and now, almost 20 years later, many of our customers enjoy the satisfaction of not having to worry about hardware, operating systems, backups and security.  We still offer on-premise solutions backed by our trained professionals to help augment your staff. The choice is yours.

What TireMaster Delivers

TireMaster’s comprehensive suite of features is designed to attract new customers, delight and retain your existing customers, and grow your business. Its easy interface and seamless integration are designed to connect every step of the process while introducing features that increase your profitability.

No other product on the market includes all of these features:

  • Mobile-ready
  • Texting capability
  • Customer appointment scheduler
  • Declined services tracking
  • Email capability
  • Core credit tracker
  • Accounting integration
  • Quotation and estimate tools
  • Custom report creation
  • Point of sale access
  • Direct ordering from parts supplier
  • National account processing
  • Order processing
  • Inventory management
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Customer loyalty program
  • B2B/B2C ecommerce solutions
  • Manufacturers Retread Integrations
  • And much more!

We Put Customers First

ASA is unique in that all of our customers are assigned account managers who stay in constant contact to make sure you are happy.  Our account managers work with you to ensure your TireMaster software is running smoothly and to fulfill your business requirements quickly, with the right quality of service.

We are successful because we put the customer first, innovating for you!

We listen to your suggestions and make sure they get into our next software updates. Our advisory council meets regularly to provide strategic product direction for new customer retention and income-generating modules and features.

ASA is one of the very few software providers in our industry that conducts annual user conferences. At these events, our customers get the opportunity to learn about new releases, network with other dealers, meet the company executives and employees, and provide product direction and suggestions. It’s just another way that we make sure the software meets your business needs, because your success is our success.

How TireMaster Supports You

Your partnership with ASA starts, not ends, with your TireMaster purchase. From there, we make sure your system is up and running to the highest degree of efficiency and productivity.
While the competition offers static online training, TireMaster offers classroom training programs, led by a real person in real time offering instruction, answering questions, and providing insights. This is our assurance against data loss, user error, or other setbacks. With ASA, you get a smooth transition.
Making sure our customers achieve success is at the core of what we do.
So get to know us. You’ll quickly understand why more than 3,000 tire and automotive professionals rely on our software solutions to keep their customers coming back.

Let’s Talk TireMaster

Talk to our product specialists to discuss your business objectives and explore how you can:

  • Increase staff efficiency and ticket value
  • Maximize sales at every customer visit
  • Increase shop revenue
  • Reduce expenses…and more

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