With decades of tire and auto shop experience under our belts, we’re the industry’s trusted advisors. Many of us have walked the floors of tire and auto shops ourselves, gaining invaluable insights along the way. We live and breathe the industry, constantly evolving with the ever-changing landscape.

Alongside our seasoned veterans, we proudly boast a vibrant mix of millennials and Gen Zs. They’re the trailblazers of today, rewriting the rulebook of technology in the name of "user experience". Together, we blend experience with innovation, ensuring our customers receive the best of both worlds.

We’re not your typical 9-to-5 crew. We are a fun-loving bunch. Connect with us and see why we’re the most awesome team to work with 😀

ASA Team Member - Dave Vogel

Dave Vogel

General Manager

ASA Team Member - Ashley Hopkins

Ashley Hopkins

General Manager - Enterprise

ASA Team Member - Jared Bailey

Jared Bailey

Director TireMaster Operations

ASA Team Member - Nicole Swan

Nicole Swan

Director of Research & Development

ASA Team Member - Dan Gagnon

Dan Gagnon

Infrastructure Manager

ASA Team Member - Stacie Walker

Stacie Walker

TireMaster Support Manager

ASA Team Member - Jodi Al-Attia

Jodi Al-Attia

Enterprise Support Manager