July 10 2016 — Merrimack, NH

Tire Dealers Cut Costs, Improve Customer Satisfaction with
Text Messaging in TireMaster Software

Text messages or SMS are quickly becoming the preferred method of choice for customers to send and receive information. It’s an instant, unobtrusive, and cost-effective way for companies to connect with their customers, and an important new feature of TireMaster software from ASA Automotive.

The latest update to TireMaster and TireMaster Enterprise, industry-leading software for independent tire dealers and auto service shops, makes it easy for businesses to create and schedule text and email alerts to support their operations, including:

  • Appointment confirmations to reduce no-shows
  • Car “ready for pickup” alerts to improve turnover
  • Reminders to reschedule missed appointments
  • Special offers for previously declined services

“TireMaster software users tell us that many of their customers prefer being contacted by text about appointments,” said Ken Halle, president of ASA Automotive. This is consistent with a recent survey by Harris Poll that found 64% of people prefer text communications over a phone call.

Halle also sees early adopters of text messaging extending its use. “A number of our customers are moving their mobile communication to the next level,” he said, “taking advantage of the features in TireMaster that make it easier and less costly to send targeted promotions, coupons and special offers.”

For more information about the new texting feature or TireMaster software in general, contact 866-210-6717.