November 2 2016 — Merrimack, NH

TireMaster Software is Now Mobile-Ready

ASA Partners with Bolt On Technology to Add Mobility to its Point-of-Sale Solutions

ASA Automotive Systems, the industry leader in software for independent tire and auto service dealers, today announced a partnership with Bolt On Technology to help ASA dealers increase staff efficiency and ticket value by making all TireMaster POS software available on android enabled tablets.

"Sales reps will now be able to assist customers throughout the shop, in the parking lot, or in the field, and will have the ability to look up inventory, check pricing, create estimates and locate customer history from their mobile devices," said Dave Vogel, Vice President/General Manager Meridian of ASA Automotive Systems. "Working with Bolt On Technology has enabled us to significantly extend the power of TireMaster software, empowering our customers to advance their point of sale opportunities with this mobile-ready solution."

Using Mobile Manager Pro, dealers will be able to scan and decode VINs, take photos of needed repairs for digital inspections and send the results directly to customers via text message. Service advisors will also be able to communicate with technicians by using the team chat feature built into the tablets and computers.

With Welcome Station Kiosk, end customers can use self-check-in for appointments and vehicle drop-offs, and ensure the accuracy of their customer information. Customers can add new vehicles to their account, review and add pending service recommendations. The Welcome Station also incorporates weather alerts and climate-based service suggestions. This further increases shop efficiency by up-selling the services specific to the current weather and seasons.

Using the Pro Pack software suite, shop owners will have the tools they need to text customers, generate custom reports and invoices, advance schedule maintenance appointments, including future oil changes based on OE recommendations, or the customer’s driving habits.

"Being able to take and send pictures of tread depth is a game changer for tire dealers," said Mike Risich, Founder and CEO of Bolt On Technology. "Most consumers can’t tell the difference between 7/32" and 2/32", but a photo is worth a thousand words. We are looking forward to partnering with TireMaster users to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and help them look even more professional."