November 2019

ASA Automotive Launches Digital Division

Bringing digital marketing strategies and tools to dealers to provide opportunities for enhancing the customer experience and automotive services growth.

ASA Automotive Systems, the industry leader in software for independent tire and auto service dealers, announced today the launch of a digital division, to help dealers attract more online customers and retain them with new digital tools. Staffed by industry experts, ASA’s digital division will provide a full spectrum of integrated digital products and services, including: digital marketing strategy, content marketing, social media, mobile-optimized websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), digital advertising and products that enhance the consumer in-store experience.

ASA digital is an important expansion of our company’s product line, which will address a critical need in the industry currently being underserved and perfectly complements our core shop management software business,” said Dave Vogel, General Manager of ASA Automotive Systems. “ASA’s digital division will operate in the same way: serving the digital marketing needs of ASA dealers, and also operating as a stand-alone digital products entity. Together, we form a powerful suite of seamless business solutions with the best-in-class management system and consumer-facing products to help engage and drive traffic to the dealer operation.

These days, buyers are more empowered when it comes to purchasing tires or servicing their cars. Because they have search engines at their fingertips, they research more online and expect to interact with dealers in ways that go beyond stepping through the door at a brick-and-mortar outlet.

For 30 years, ASA has grown and evolved with the automotive industry with regard to the changing customer journey and helping dealers adapt to meet their demands,” said Justin Chalk, Vice President of Product Management at ASA Automotive Systems.

ASA’s new digital tools are designed to drive consumers to the dealer operation with modern methods, such as connecting their company website directly with the point-of-sale to assist with website inquiries, scheduling services and helping build their online reputation. “Our new digital offering will allow us to serve the growing needs of businesses trying to take advantage of emerging digital marketing tools and delivering an experience that meets the needs of the modern-day consumer,” Justin added.

About ASA Automotive Systems

ASA Automotive Systems, Inc., with offices in Idaho, Illinois, and New Hampshire, is the leading provider of software to independent tire dealers and automotive service providers, serving retail, wholesale, commercial and retreading enterprises. ASA’s TireMaster software family is a modular system for point of sale, inventory, financial and general management, helping businesses improving operations, reduce costs and increase profitability. It also offers digital tools to engage and drive traffic to dealer operations. For more information, contact 866-210-6717 or, or visit