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  All-in-One Tire Shop Software











Did you know you can save 2-3 days' worth of work every month by using an all-in-one program to run your Point-of-Sale (POS), Accounting and Inventory?

Going back and forth between different software solutions for POS, accounting and inventory control can take up a lot of time in your already busy day. For example, if you are quoting a price and the customer asks about their account balance, you’d have to close the work order screen in your POS tool and go to your accounting program. That's time-consuming and inconvenient.

Also, when you use different programs, sales are difficult to monitor and inventory is harder to track. You need all your data in one place — from sales, account, inventory, etc. — so you can run all your reports from this “single point of truth.”  Only when the customer facing, point-of-sale features seamlessly communicate with your back office accounting and inventory will you get instant updates of your business-critical data.

Read what Burt Brothers did.

Burt Brothers Tire & Service of greater Salt Lake City, Utah, removed the pain of working with different software solutions for their POS, accounting, and inventory control. They equipped their stores with TireMaster ‘All-in-One’ Point-of-Sale, Accounting & Inventory software from ASA Automotive Systems. Among a host of improvements, they now save 2-3 days per month thanks to integrated accounting and POS. They also reduced their inventory by 20% to 30%.

Download the Burt Brothers case study to read the whole story.