Cloud Computing - The Future is Now

Wikipedia says Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). Industry experts all agree that the future of application development and usage will be in the Cloud.

In a cloud computing system, there's a significant workload shift. Local computers and servers no longer have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to running applications. The network of computers that make up the ASA cloud handles them instead. Hardware and software demands on your side decrease. The only thing your computer needs to be able to run is the cloud computing system's interface software and the cloud's network takes care of the rest.

ASA Cloud ComputingThere's a good chance you've already used some form of cloud computing. If you have an e-mail account with a Web-based e-mail service like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, then you've had some experience with cloud computing. Instead of running an e-mail program on your computer, you log in to a Web e-mail account remotely. The software and storage for your account doesn't exist on your computer -- it's on the service's computer cloud.

ASA’s Private Cloud offering means that you can reduce your capital expenditures and provides you with a lower entry cost and fewer in-house resources.  You can start with a small deployment and grow to a large deployment rapidly without additional infrastructure cost.  It also provides you reliability, so if a server goes down you are dynamically moved to another server with little if any disruption.  Your software is kept current to the newest releases and ASA does the system maintenance for you. 

  • Gone are the days when IT professionals would have to manually update servers. With ASA’s cloud computing services, these updates are done automatically.
  • Rather than your IT staff focusing on maintaining your servers, they can focus on business critical tasks without incurring costs for additional manpower.
  • Flexible and scalable: Users can easily add capacity based on their needs at that moment.
  • With the levels of redundancy built into an enterprise cloud service there is a minute chance of an outage ever occurring, cloud services truly are hassle free for you.
  • Avoid the large capital expenses associated with infrastructure and data centers


The Future is now, so talk to your rep about how you can take advantage of ASA’s Cloud Computing offering.