CornerStone Customer Testimonials


What current customers have to say about  ASA TireMaster products:

"The ordering feature for Bridgestone tires was probably the primary reason that we chose CornerStone, plus it gives us the ability to process Firestone delivery receipts via the Firestone interface.  We recently got updated pricing from Bridgestone that we were able to upload in seconds. This is a real time saver!  We’ve also added new interfaces, such as Acquirint for credit card processing, and expanded the number of stores using Epicor ISE.  The pricing support offered to CornerStone dealers made the addition of these new features much more cost effective." —Cheryl Kervin, Operations Manager, Boulevard Tire Center

"Day to day, I love turning on the computer and having it do all the things that it does.  I really do. The combination between ASA and Epicor ISE is awesome! Yesterday I worked in the service department all day long, writing estimates and selling jobs.  I’d make a quot, show it to the customer, sell the job, push the button, it ordered the parts, I put it on a ticket, put it on a receiving document and was off to the races.  I was so content to do the job I was doing.  The return on our investment is not measurable because it is so high!" —Brandon Burt, General Manager, Burt Brothers Tire & Service

"TireMaster is an affordable, easy to learn system that is very practical for my everyday use.  I shopped around and found many other POS systems expensive and very complicated.  The way it’s laid out makes it very easy to navigate." —Ron Poulin, Owner, Country Tire and Service Center

"I have been in the business thirty-nine years and the CornerStone system from ASA is the best system we have ever had, and that includes a custom system we had built, plus we get great support.  We especially like the inventory management because we carry a variety of products other than tires like snow plows.  We know exactly what we have in inventory at all times. " —Patrick Day, Owner, Day's Tire Auto Inc

"From where we were before, and where we are at today, we are a lot more efficient. It used to take a salesperson four to five minutes to complete a simple sale.  Today, that same order takes them a minute from start to finish. And when a customer needs to come back for any reason after work was done for them, the salesperson can deal with it in seconds having all the information right at their fingertips. Quick quots makes things so much simpler - you just drop the information you need into the quot and it calculates everything from parts to labor, taxes and markup, and you're done."  —Matt Laye, Operations Manager, Laye's Tire

"The quoting module is excellent. Closing a sale is significantly faster and I can be confident that it's accurate. I especially love the pricing matrix. ASA always has something fresh and new coming along with future versions of TireMaster. There is always continuous improvement and I appreciate that.  And the support organization is excellent"—Ron Walton, Owner, R W Tire

"The Bridgestone National Account Interface in CornerStone by ASA has saved me significant time processing national accounts.  The system automates the processing of the sale, prompting us for the required information, electronically submits the claims for approval, reconciles the credits and updates the system.  I couldn't ask for a better system." —Steve McMahan Sr., President, Ralph & Sons Tire Center

"I can totally see my multi-store goal coming together because of this POS system.  I could never have managed my business from one location before." —Jarid Lundeen, Owner, Tires Plus

"CornerStone Powered by ASA allows me to merge separate customer records together so I have all the vehicles and customer history together for one family.  Having all the customer history together and right at my fingertips is important to provide the customer service we are known for.  Plus, the ease of moving from screen to screen on CornerStone makes my whole job easier, especially having all the reports and customer history right there when I need it.  But the biggest time saver for me is the ability to make all my inventory changes from one screen with the list editing feature and always knowing what I have for inventory at any time." —Nancy Sabin, Inventory Manager, Tri County Tire