You’ve got a lot to offer customers, but do they know? Publicity comes in various forms. With ASA, you can choose the options that are right for your business.

Marketing Service Providers

Your sales data is one of your most useful assets. Put it to work. ASA offers tools that enable shops to send that information to various automotive marketing companies that will use it for promotions and research. These specialists can produce items such as service reminders, advertisements, and demographic reports for you. Generate more business and gain insights. Let ASA get you started.

DIY Marketing

Try a little self-promotion. ASA TireMaster systems include do-it-yourself marketing utilities that you can use to create service reminder and thank you postcards to send to customers. For mailings that require envelopes, you can also generate address labels. Get the word out with ASA’s built-in marketing tools.

Rewards Programs

More customers and more money spent per visit. You can have both. ASA works with two companies that specialize in helping automotive shops generate repeat business through rewards and loyalty programs.

The people at Lift & Shift, Inc. and BAYiQ (MyCarCareRewards) are customer-retention experts. They set up and run rewards programs, and they offer various services to help shops with promotions, point redemption, and reporting. Rewards program reports typically include insightful information, such as number of visits, spending totals, and average transaction amounts. Get your customers to come back. Our rewards program partners can help.