Don’t tie yourself down. Adding mobile applications to ASA TireMaster improves efficiencies and gives you the freedom to work where you’re needed.

Mobile POS

Take the front counter with you. With Mobile POS from ASA, you can check in customers, look up items, and prepare quotes and estimates on both mobile devices and PCs. Quotes and estimates created with Mobile POS are easily saved and retrieved, and can be turned into work orders when customers are ready to buy.

Mobile POS helps you engage with customers in various scenarios. When they ask for tire prices over the phone, you can quickly quote out-the-door costs based on the tire size or vehicle information they provide. For customers who prefer comparison shopping, you can produce Good, Better, Best quotes that include prices for up to three tires. Information is included on a single printout and is grouped according to assigned rankings. Mobile POS also helps you identify selling opportunities with mileage-based service prompts and alerts for previously declined services. Finally, the fitment guide, Epicor, CARFAX, Tire Brands, and texting can all be used with Mobile POS, further boosting the power of this indispensable tool.

In the parking lot, roadside, or in the store. With Mobile POS, your front counter can be anywhere.

Physical Inventory

Physical counts with less data-entry, less paperwork, and in less time. That’s what they’re like with ASA’s mobile inventory application. Use handheld scanners to record item counts. Then transfer the numbers to your ASA TireMaster system and make the needed quantity adjustments. When you can eliminate count sheets and send your staff home sooner, physical counts aren’t so dreadful after all.

Inventory Receipts

Expedite inventory receipts. With ASA’s mobile inventory application, you use handheld scanners to check in delivered items. Then you send the numbers to your ASA TireMaster system to create a receiving document that updates your quantities and accounts payable. Your receiving clerk gets a break from data entry, and your sales team has new products to sell sooner. Simplify inventory management with ASA.