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ASA Buys Bandag's TireMaster Software

January 05, 2005
ASA Tire Systems has acquired the western operations of Bandag Inc.’s Quality Design Systems Inc. (QDS) subsidiary, which include the company’s TireMaster Software system for tire dealers and auto service businesses.

Terms of the sale were not released.

ASA Tire Systems had been the exclusive licensee of QDS to sell TireMaster since early last year. Bandag retained QDS’s eastern operations and renamed them Open Road Technologies Inc.

“We are thrilled to complete the acquisition of TireMaster,” said Wayne Croswell, president of ASA Tire Systems. “TireMaster expands our offering to customers and gives ASA the opportunity to serve the full spectrum of the tire dealer market. Some of the TireMaster features will provide benefits to our customers in both the retail and commercial tire markets. Bandag has worked extremely hard to build relationships with POS vendors in order to provide an unbiased product offering to our mutual customers. We look forward to continuing to provide first class support and product enhancements to the existing TireMaster client base.”

“The divestiture of the TireMaster product line to ASA ensures a focus on quality and development in the accounting/POS software area, in which ASA and other vendors have expertise,” said Mark Davidson, Bandag’s chief information officer. “We need to leverage this expertise and make sure we are providing the best products to all our customers. TireMaster is a viable solution for the retail and/or commercial tire dealer. This agreement supports Bandag’s unbiased support of all accounting/POS vendors who serve Bandag’s franchised dealers.”

David Duchesne
ASA Tire Systems
(603) 889-8700

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