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ASA Tire Systems Introduces New TreadX Functionality

NASHUA , NH (November 1, 2005) - ASA Tire Systems, the leading software developer for the tire industry, introduces additional functionality for their TreadX software. With the goal of helping independent tire dealers increase sales at the counter, ASA now offers Tire Brands, a new integrated database to help increase tire sales.

The new interface, Tire Brands, has two goals: increasing profitability at the counter and empowering and educating employees. Tire Brands provides salespeople instant access to tire images, features and benefits, and specifications. This database allows for one-click access from an inventory look-up screen to an individual features & benefits screen, tire images, specifications and UTQG. By having this data at their fingertips, salespeople can save time looking through books, appear more knowledgeable to the customer, recommend “Good, Better, Best” options and sell more.

Wayne Croswell, president of ASA Tire Systems, says, “With Tire Brands on-line, ASA offers the only comprehensive data base of most Tire manufacturers that include Tire Features and Benefits along with actual pictures of the tires during the point of sale process.  In addition, Tire Brands on-line includes tire ratings and specifications.  Tire Brands on-line will improve your sales at the counter.”

By both educating new and seasoned employees, and providing on-the-spot access to tire information and images, Tire Brands is a welcome addition to ASA’s TreadX software, designed specifically to help independent tire dealers increase their profitability at the counter.

About ASA Tire Systems

ASA Tire Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of the private holding company, ASA International Ltd. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire; ASA Tire Systems develops and builds enterprise-wide software solutions, delivers support and services, and enables leading Independent Tire Dealers to achieve a maximum return on their information technology investment. For more information on all of ASA Tire Systems products, contact ASA at 866.210.6717, email mailto:info@asatire.com or visit www.asatire.com.

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ASA Tire Systems
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