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ASA Tire Systems Announces Business Intelligence Module

Las Vegas, NV, November 4, 2003 - ASA Tire Systems today announced Analytix, a new Business Intelligence system designed to help tire dealers better manage their businesses. Analytix works with both TireMax and TirePro databases,
providing a series of pre-built analytical views that provide insight into key business drivers and performance indicators. Real time information is presented at the highest executive level, allowing users to drill into the information for
detailed data analysis. Analytix is designed to be useful to owners, general managers, CFOs and store managers.

"Analytix was designed to fill a gap for our customers," said Wayne Croswell, President of ASA Tire Systems. "They have been using our system for many years to run their operations and have built up a wealth of information.
The analysis of that information can be very useful in helping them to look ahead and make decisions about their business. Analytix makes the information available instantaneously without the need to format and run reports. We expect that
Analytix will become invaluable to our customers," continued Croswell.

Analytix contains both Monthly and Daily Analyses. The Daily Analysis allows entry of goals, providing daily and weekly tracking against those goals so shortfalls can be spotted early. Managers can instantly see what products and services
are moving and which locations are performing on target. The Monthly Analysis contains more than 20 unique views and provides both comparative and trend analysis with extensive filtering capabilities. The accessible information is equivalent
to what a user would gain by running hundreds of reports.

Analytix is hosted in Microsoft Excel. Excel workbooks contain live links to the data that is updated on a daily basis with an easy to operate user interface. Users also have the option to create custom spreadsheets with their own analysis.

About ASA Tire Systems

ASA Tire Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASA International Ltd. (NASDAQ: ASAA). Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, ASA Tire Systems develops and builds enterprise-wide software solutions, delivers support and services, and
enables leading Independent Tire Dealers to achieve a maximum return on their information technology investment. They can be found on the Internet at: https://www.asatire.com.

David Duchesne
ASA Tire Systems
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