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Frasier Tire Increases Sales, Profitability with ASA Tire’s e-Commerce

Nashua, NH, April 19, 2005 – Frasier Tire Service, the largest Goodyear independent tire dealer in South Carolina, recently installed ASA Tire Systems’ eTireLink e-commerce application, quickly seeing an increase in both sales and profitability as a direct result.

Tommy Dukes, Director of Corporate Administration for Frasier Tire Service, recognized the urgent need to offer e-commerce to his customers in his very competitive market. “Our competition was touting their e-commerce capabilities to our customers. We had a terrific product lineup with Goodyear, Kelly and Republic, but to stay competitive we had to do something quickly,” said Mr. Dukes. “We had been very happy running ASA’s core business applications for years. With their eTireLink application, we were able to have our wholesale customers see their specific prices, our inventory and all of their invoices and payments. All of this was talking to our live database, but was also 100% secure. All that was great, but the increase in sales and profitability was the real bonus!”

Julian G. Frasier III, President of Frasier Tire Service, stated “We view eTireLink as a “silent salesman”, helping both Frasier Tire and our customers. For those utilizing eTireLink, they could see all of the options while their retail customer was standing on the other side of the counter. If the tire they had in mind was too expensive, they could quickly go to a less expensive option they were previously unaware of and not lose the sale. The retailer’s increase in sales resulted in a corresponding increase in sales from Fraser Tire to them of at least 10%. With the ability to order on-line and all of their invoices, payments and orders available for viewing, those same customers made less than half of the phone calls to our office, helping us to further reduce the cost of doing business. Because of these new capabilities, we have been able to sign on several new accounts that would not have come on board otherwise. It has truly been a “win-win” for Frasier Tire and our customers.”

“We are thrilled for Frasier Tire Service,” said David Duchesne, Vice President of Sales for ASA Tire Systems. “They have been a client for years, and when we see our products bring tangible benefits to their bottom line, I feel like we have done our job.”

About ASA Tire Systems
ASA Tire Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASA International Ltd. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, ASA Tire Systems develops and builds enterprise-wide software solutions, delivers support and services, and enables leading Independent Tire Dealers to achieve a maximum return on their information technology investment. They can be found on the Internet at: www.asatire.com

About Frasier Tire Service
Frasier Tire Service is the largest independent Goodyear dealer in South Carolina. Based in Sumter, SC, they have three retail/commercial locations, one wholesale location and are a Goodyear Retreader. In business for 31 years, Frasier Tire Service can be found on the Internet at: www.frasiertire.com.

David Duchesne
Vice President of Sales
ASA Tire Systems
615 Amherst Street
Nashua , NH 03063
(603) 889-8700

Tommy Dukes
Director of Corporate Administration
Frasier Tire Service
310 East Liberty Street
Sumter , SC 29150
(803) 773-1423

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