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ASA Tire Systems Announces Michelin BIB NET

Nashua, NH, September 5, 2000 —ASA Tire Systems announces the
completion of an interface between both its TireMax and TirePro
business applications software and Michelin’s BIB NET electronic
ordering system.

ASA worked closely with Michelin to bring this project to a successful
conclusion. The interface allows product fulfillment requests to
be transferred directly from the ASA Purchase Order module to Michelin’s
BIB NET application. Upon fulfillment of the request, BIB NET then
sends an electronic confirmation to the ASA software.

According to Dave Duchesne, National Marketing Manager for ASA Tire
Systems, “With the large number of independent tire dealers
that ASA and Michelin have in common, it is important that we work
together to streamline the dealer’s ordering process. This
integration will help reduce the time it takes to get the order
to Michelin, while increasing its accuracy. As the industry has
become more and more networked, this is the type of integration
that ASA will continue to pursue aggressively”.

ASA Tire Systems is a division of ASA International Ltd. (NASDAQ:
ASAA). Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, ASA Tire Systems
develops and builds enterprise-wide software solutions, delivers
support and services, and enables leading Independent Tire Dealers
to achieve a maximum return on their information technology investment.
They can be found on the Internet at: https://www.asatire.com.

David Duchesne
ASA Tire Systems
(603) 889-8700

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