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Tire Dealers Can Showcase Products Online with ASA’s New eTireCenter

NASHUA, NH (January 18, 2008) — ASA Tire Systems, the leading software provider for the tire industry, announced today a new way for tire dealers to display and sell their products online.

ASA is now offering eTireCenter, a standalone online tool that helps tire dealers take their websites to the next level. This tool helps a dealer to upload their own pictures, lets them link photos to appropriate descriptions, tire types and sizes of choice, and then easily display them on their websites. They can instantly create their own specials, highlight the products they want to sell, and more.

Many tire dealer websites serve simply as brochures for their businesses, with the “products” section often a simple PDF, or a static page, displaying only their most common products. They lack the interactivity that allows a visitor to look for a tire that is not only available but also fits their needs.

Best of all, the next time a customer visits the dealer’s website, they will be able to look for tires by manufacturer, type, and size, making their online experience much more personal. In addition, it is not just for tires. Because it is fully customizable, eTireCenter works great for wheels, retreads, or any other item dealers want to allow easy access to online.

The introductory version of this software allows dealers (or suppliers) to enter the data needed for the website, and then uses ASA’s technology to query and display it online. In a future release, ASA will offer ASA’s Tire Brands database for the web, fully integrated with eTireCenter.

Since this is a completely standalone product, eTireCenter can be layered onto an existing website, no matter who developed it, and no matter what software they are using.

About ASA Tire Systems

Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, ASA Tire Systems develops and builds enterprise-wide software solutions, delivers support and services, and enables leading independent tire dealers to achieve a maximum return on their information technology investment. ASA’s software tools help tire dealers and retreaders manage all facets of their businesses and can be tailored to suit the ecommerce, order processing, accounting and business management needs of any size retail, wholesale, or retread tire operation. You can find them on the Internet at www.asatire.com.

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