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ASA Tire Systems’ Customers Approach $73 Million in Tire Sales with eCommerce Software

NASHUA, NH (January 3, 2006) — ASA Tire Systems’ eCommerce software, eTireLink, enabled independent tire dealers across North America to conduct nearly $73 million in business in 2005.  eTireLink is ASA Tire Systems’ on-line web-enabled order entry system that allows users to conduct business safely and securely over the Internet.  >

In 2005, tire dealers using ASA’s eCommerce software processed approximately $72,700,000 worth of sales through eTireLink, allowing them to free up their salespeople to pursue potential new accounts.  Julian G. Frasier III, president of Frasier Tire Service, stated, “We view eTireLink as a ‘silent salesman,’ helping both Frasier Tire and our customers.  For those utilizing eTireLink, they could see all of the options while their retail customer was standing on the other side of the counter.  If the tire they had in mind was too expensive, they could quickly go to a less expensive option they were previously unaware of and not lose the sale.  The retailer’s increase in sales resulted in a corresponding increase in sales from Fraser Tire to them of at least 10%.  With the ability to order on-line and all of their invoices, payments and orders available for viewing, those same customers made less than half of the phone calls to our office, helping us to further reduce the cost of doing business.  Because of these new capabilities, we have been able to sign on several new accounts that would not have come on board otherwise.  It has truly been a ‘win-win’ for Frasier Tire and our customers.”

The purpose of the software is to allow store owners to reduce the cost of doing business by enabling wholesale and retail customers to securely connect to them through the Internet to search inventory, compare prices, and order products.  Customers can also check backorder availability and review their account status; including past invoices and payments.  This drastically reduces the number of phone calls an accounts receivable or sales department would take on a daily basis.  By empowering customers with eTireLink, tire dealers can free up their staff to pursue other functions; allowing them to increase customer satisfaction, sales, and profits.  The system integrates seamlessly with existing ASA business software, safeguarding their original hardware and software investment, and reducing training time.

The success of the software is proven through the large amount of business processed through eTireLink last year.  Dave Duchesne, Vice President of Sales for ASA, says, “ASA is in the business of providing tools to help our customers increase sales and profitability, so I am thrilled to see the measurable success of eTireLink.  This product has allowed our customers to sell more products more profitably, ultimately improving their bottom line.”

About ASA Tire Systems
ASA Tire Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of the private holding company, ASA International Ltd. H
eadquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire ASA Tire Systems develops and builds enterprise-wide software solutions,
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