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Contact: Sky Souza

ASA Tire Systems' First $1M Bailout Recipient Awarded

NASHUA, NH (March 19, 2009) - ASA Tire Systems is proud to announce that the first recipient of the $1,000,000 tire dealer bailout program, St. Lucie Battery & Tire of Ft. Pierce, FL was awarded funds this week.

St. Lucie Battery & Tire has six locations across Florida in an area that national pundits describe as an economic disaster. Reported as recently as February 2009 on NPR (National Public Radio), Port St. Lucie, FL (where St. Lucie Battery & Tire has one physical location) was described as "the largest city in St. Lucie County, a suburban dream gone bad." With "the nation's eighth-worst foreclosure rate (also the third highest in Florida)... and rising unemployment (jumping to 12% in January of 2009) the county government is declaring itself a disaster area." Those staggering statistics make running a business difficult in any industry. But, during these hard times, St. Lucie Battery & Tire sees the importance of strengthening their business infrastructure.

St. Lucie Tire & Battery has been in business in this hard-hit area since the 1970's and has been committed to their community and their surrounding cities in more ways than you can count. From their own website they "are preparing to carry on a genuine commitment to both customers and community." They support the local 4-H and the St. Lucie County Fair. They were also a major force behind the revitalization of downtown Fort Pierce, personally making significant contributions to the Sunrise Theatre restoration project. During their most recent renovation, they made a major investment in the building and the neighborhood by giving the property a total facelift. The resulting building is an attractive "gateway" to the downtown shopping district and an example for the many restorations undertaken downtown since then. Beyond the philanthropic, St. Lucie Battery & Tire employs 105 people in six locations located in St. Lucie, Indian River, Martin, and Okeechobee counties.

About the program, Doug Miller, vice president of St. Lucie Battery & Tire, says, "We chose the ASA system, because we believe it is a tried and true system that gives us the tools we need to better serve our customers and continue growing our business in today's challenging business environment."

Wayne Croswell, president of ASA Tire Systems, says "Their commitment to strengthening their community over the past three decades has made them an excellent candidate to receive a financial relief from our $1M Tire Dealer Bailout Program. St. Lucie Battery & Tire exists in one of the hardest hit communities in America and the heart of our program is to help strengthen tire dealers businesses in areas where it is needed most. By granting them funding to improve their technology, St. Lucie Battery & Tire can improve their business infrastructure without having to sacrifice the good work they take such pride in. They are at the heart of what this bailout program is all about. We are pleased to welcome them to the ASA Tire Systems family through this program."

About ASA Tire Systems
Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, ASA Tire Systems develops and builds enterprise-wide software solutions, delivers support and services, and enables leading independent tire dealers to achieve a maximum return on their information technology investment. ASA’s software tools help tire dealers and retreaders manage all facets of their businesses and can be tailored to suit the ecommerce, order processing, accounting and business management needs of any size retail, wholesale, or retread tire operation. You can find them on the Internet at www.asatire.com.

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