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Consolidated Tires, Inc. Chooses ASA’s TreadX™ Software

Nashua, NH (March 28, 2006) – Consolidated Tires, Inc. of Greenville, SC, has chosen ASA Tire Systems’ TreadX application to improve daily productivity and inventory control.

Consolidated Tires, Inc. (CTI) is the leading truck-tire service dealership and the largest commercial tire retreader in South Carolina.  CTI uses Michelin Retread Technologies (MRTI) and is the largest single-shift, single plant pre-cure Michelin Retreader in the United States.

About the purchase, Will Dennis, president of Consolidated Tires, said, "We desired a GUI point-of-sale system to assist us in training and daily productivity.  In that regard, we believe TreadX is the best in the market.  Additionally, we believe the inventory management system will afford us many opportunities in better control, more turns, and less shrinkage.  Other products such as Analytix, Mobility Suite, and the eCommerce piece provided me with much needed assurance that ASA understands our business and will be a viable long-term business partner.”

“However, CTI chose to partner with ASA primarily because we believe in their people and we trust them.  From the initial discussions to this point in the planning process, ASA has shown a high level of commitment and understanding for our needs.  Before talking to any software companies, we decided the most important ingredient we were looking for was a partnership.  To this point, ASA has surpassed those expectations," said Mr. Dennis.

Everyone at ASA Tire Systems is equally pleased about this new partnership. “I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with a forward thinking industry leader like Consolidated Tires, Inc.,” said Dean Rascoe, regional sales manager at ASA.  “While meeting with them to evaluate their needs, I was extremely impressed with the level of industry knowledge, experience, and insight demonstrated by Mr. Dennis and his entire management team.” 

Dave Duchesne, vice president of sales at ASA noted, “ASA is excited to be working with CTI.  Because they are involved in the retail, commercial and retreading components of the industry, they needed to partner with a company who could offer solutions in all of these areas.  Combining their impressive level of industry knowledge and experience with ASA’s vast suite of products and services should allow them to maximize the return on their technology investment.”


About ASA Tire Systems

Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, ASA Tire Systems develops and builds enterprise-wide software solutions, delivers support and services, and enables leading independent tire dealers to achieve a maximum return on their information technology investment.  ASA’s software tools are geared to helping tire dealers and retreaders manage all facets of their businesses and can be tailored to suit the ecommerce, order processing, accounting and business management needs of any size retail, wholesale or retread tire operation.    They can be found on the Internet at: www.asatire.com.



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