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ASA TireMaster GTX Customer Testimonial


Billingsley Tire Inc - Read Full Story >>>
With an aging system and the decision made not to own and maintain hardware any longer, Billingsley weighed their options and chose to move to Cloud computing instead of investing in another system. “We didn’t want to own the hardware any longer and deal with the maintenance.

College Park Tire - Read Full Story >>>
College Park Tire met with daily aggravation using the POS/Management system that had been supplied to them by one of their tire manufacturers. The system was cumbersome and outdated and was costing a lot of money every month. Although they had been a committed user of the manufacturer’s software system for many years, it became increasingly clear that it was time for them to make a change.

Lang Tire & Auto - Read Full Story >>>
After years of frustration using a tire manufacturer’s POS/Management software system, Lang Tire & Auto carefully researched competitive systems and ultimately selected ASA’s TireMaster Corporate software, a complete business management system from a proven and progressive technology partner to help them grow their business for the future.

Laye's Tire Service - Read Full Story >>>
Laye's Tire decided on CornerStone Powered by ASA (CornerStone) in 2011 after hearing about the product at Bridgestone dealer meetings. They were impressed with the feature-rich product and the comprehensive software package designed exclusively for Bridgestone by ASA Automotive Systems.

Lykins Tire & Auto Service - Read Full Story >>>
Lykins Tire & Auto Service selected ASA's TireMaster Corporate software to manage their stores. Designed for businesses with multiple locations, TireMaster Corporate includes feature-rich and fully integrated point-of-sale, inventory control and accounting modules with reporting tools.

Noyes Automotive and Tire - Read Full Story >>>
Noyes chose to purchase TireMaster. Noyes initially was able to move from the existing manual and labor-intensive paper process to a more modern, computerized business management system. They drastically reduced the amount of inventory they carried by directly connecting to their wholesaler at the Point of Sale (POS).

Tulare Firestone Tire & Service - Read Full Story >>>
Tulare Firestone Tire & Service decided to make the easy move to an ASP hosted service with ASA Automotive Systems that more effectively managed their risks and delivered stress-free "cloud computing" technology and provided "worry free" maintenance of their mission-critical software system. The move increased their server uptime, allowing more transactions to occur quicker, with a direct positive impact on their customer's and employee's satisfaction.

Wes Cook's Tire & Auto - Read Full Story >>>
Wes Cook decided to buy TireMaster in the Spring of 2011. To make the move a smooth transition and provide continuous support, Wes Cook's personnel had TireMaster online training video clips called eLearning available to them for the first six to eight months. “These clips made all the diff erence in the world”, says Wes. “It really went well.” eLearning provided web-based access to training modules about every day procedures in TireMaster and that assisted them through their daily tasks.

Wilbert's Tire Center - Read Full Story >>>
In 1993, Wilbert's chose TireMaster because it was a system that could save them time and money, it offered them the ability to sell fuel, process national accounts, and it included a proven support department.