ASA TireMaster Fitmet Guides

ASA TireMaster Tire Guide Pro Plus

Because Tire Guide Pro Plus is integrated with TireMaster, you can look up tire sizes directly from your invoicing and quote screens. Once you identify the right size, TireMaster searches your inventory for tires of that size, and then it prompts you to add an item to your quote or work order. With Tire Guide Pro Plus, there’s no need for a standalone fitment guide, and there’s no more fumbling through the pages of a book while the customer is waiting.

Along with standard tire sizes, Tire Guide Pro Plus provides useful information for your salespeople and mechanics. It includes plus sizes and specs for wheels, studs, and lug nuts. Vehicle manufacturers’ torque and air pressure recommendations, which can be printed on work orders and invoices, are also available.

The addition of Tire Guide Pro Plus to your TireMaster system gives you quick access to accurate information and gets those bulky books off of your counter and out of your way.

Tire Guide Pro Plus and TireMaster help you:

  • Locate standard and plus tire sizes with little effort
  • Streamline your point of sale process
  • Comply with torque and air pressure recommendations
  • Reduce countertop clutter

Data for Tire Guide Pro Plus is compiled by Tire Guides, Inc. and Pearl Communications, two of the industry's most trusted sources for fitment guides.