ASA TireMaster Integrated Shop Catalog

ASA TireMaster Activant® Integrated Service Estimator

You can create detailed estimates and work orders quickly and easily by using Activant’s Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) with your TireMaster system. The ISE is a web-based shop catalog that includes Activant’s extensive aftermarket parts database and the comprehensive Mitchell 1® labor guide.

You can seamlessly move from a TireMaster work order or service checklist to the Integrated Service Estimator to look up jobs, parts, labor, or service intervals. Once you’ve selected the items you need in the ISE, you can import them into TireMaster. Parts and labor items retrieved from the ISE include detailed descriptions, recommended selling prices, and industry standard labor times.

Effortlessly creating accurate estimates and work orders isn’t the sole benefit of using the ISE with TireMaster. Because it’s connected to parts supplier inventories, you can also use the Integrated Service Estimator to order the items needed to complete services and repairs. The time savings you’ll experience by using the ISE aren’t limited to the tasks of invoicing and estimating. Because the ISE is a web-based application hosted and maintained by Activant Solutions®, you need to do absolutely nothing to update the data. That’s right—you won’t be saddled with the monthly task of loading file after file onto your computers to update the catalog.

TireMaster and the Activant Integrated Service Estimator help you:

  • Increase the accuracy of estimates
  • Offer customers detailed invoices
  • Eliminate unsightly countertop clutter
  • Reduce customer wait time
  • Streamline ordering from parts suppliers

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The Activant Integrated Service Estimator is distributed by Activant Solutions®, Inc. Additional information about the ISE is available at