ASA TireMaster Marketing

ASA TireMaster Marketing Module

Are sales opportunities slipping away because of poor customer retention? With TireMaster's Marketing Module, you can easily give customers incentives to do business with you.

The Marketing Module is a tool for creating post cards and selecting the customers who will receive the post cards you create. By generating post cards with the Marketing Module, you can do the following:

  • Remind customers when routine services are due
  • Generate repeat business from customers who’ve declined services during previous visits
  • Notify customers of promotions, sales, or special offers
  • Thank customers for their business

As you prepare for a mailing, you can indicate whether all customers will receive post cards or choose only those who meet certain criteria. In addition to creating post cards, you can also use the Marketing Module to make mailing labels.

The Marketing Module is a standard feature in the full version of TireMaster, and it can be added to TireMaster POS.