ASA TireMaster Mobile Inventory Manager

ASA TireMaster Bar Code Utility

With the Bar Code Utility, you scan bar codes and enter quantities into a scanner when taking physical counts. Then you import the data into TireMaster to complete an inventory quantity adjustment. Printing counting sheets and updating quantities by hand isn’t necessary, so you’ll save time and resources and prevent mistakes.

You can experience similar benefits when replenishing inventory. Use a handheld computer to capture the bar codes and quantities of the items that were delivered by a vendor. Then use the Bar Code Utility to import the data into a receiving document to instantly update the quantities. If you’re creating the receiving document from scratch, there’s also no need to look up each of the items that were delivered.

In addition to simplifying inventory counts and receivings, you can use the Bar Code Utility to assign bar codes to items that you’ve already set up in TireMaster.

TireMaster and the Bar Code Utility help you:

  • Increase the accuracy of inventory counts
  • Spend less time taking inventory and entering corrections
  • Trim expenses
  • Create bar code labels for items and bins