ASA TireMaster Payroll Preparation

ASA TireMaster PenSoft® Payroll

PenSoft Payroll is an easy-to-use application that's integrated with TireMaster. With PenSoft, you can pay and track wages, deductions, income tax, and attendance in-house. Eliminating the need for an outside payroll service isn't the only way it saves you money; PenSoft's direct-deposit options help you avoid costly check printing fees. You can also use PenSoft to generate paychecks, tax forms, and W-2s.

Besides having the tools to maintain payroll records, current state and federal payroll information is also readily available. The makers of PenSoft distribute updated tax tables and filing requirements directly to you throughout the year.

Because PenSoft is integrated with TireMaster, you won't be saddled with manual data entry. You can electronically transfer the latest payroll entries from PenSoft to TireMaster to update both the general ledger and check register automatically.

PenSoft Payroll and TireMaster help you:

  • Decrease payroll expenses
  • Generate paychecks and tax forms
  • Comply with state and federal tax guidelines
  • Reduce manual data entry

PenSoft is developed and distributed by Peninsula Software of Virginia, Inc. For additional product details, visit