ASA TreadX Credit Card Processing

TireMaster Enterprise Credit Card Processing

Now, right within TireMaster Enterprise, your counter staff can process major credit cards quickly, easily, and without error. With integrated credit-card processing by X-Charge™, TireMaster Enterprise can process
credit and debit cards, and deposit the funds directly into your existing bank account for you. You no longer need to purchase and maintain outdated credit card terminals and printers, and you'll speed up transactions at the counter.

Customers love it because credit cards can be approved in as little as two seconds, and payment information is shown on the same receipt as sales items.

TireMaster Enterprise and X-Charge help you:

  • Reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry
  • Speed up counter sales and checkout times
  • Lower your processing fees
  • Increase customer satisfaction

X-Charge is distributed by CAM Commerce Solutions, Inc. a registered ISO and MSP of HSBC Bank, National Association, Buffalo, NY. For more information, visit