ASA TireMaster Enterprise eTireLink

eTireLink Wholesale

An eCommerce Application for Independent Tire Dealers.

eTireLink is an on-line internet-enabled order entry system allowing your customers to easily conduct business with you over the Internet, helping to reduce your cost of doing business while increasing customer satisfaction, sales
and profits.

Many of your customers may call you several times daily to inquire as to the price and availability of product. With eTireLink, they can simply log onto your system via the Internet with a secured password, see your inventory availability
(optional) with their specific pricing, and order the product. They can also check the status of backorders. All without being asked to hold, leaving a message or waiting for your sales people to check stock. This also helps to free
your sales people to pursue potential new accounts.

eTireLink features complete security, ensuring that only the clients that you desire access this information. All they need is an Internet connection, and they can order from you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once the customer is logged on, they can quickly find the product they are looking for based on manufacturer, size, tread pattern or item number. You decide whether they simply see that it is available, or display the quantity available
for sale. Because it is completely integrated with your ASA applications software, the customer will be notified immediately if they are past due or over their credit limit. The sale may be halted at that point, depending on the business
rules you have implemented. Once the order is finalized, it becomes an order like any other in your ASA system, flowing through the inventory, accounts receivable and general ledger.

While on-line, the customer may review their account status, including all past invoices and payments. This drastically reduces the number of calls to your accounts receivable department, freeing them up to pursue other functions.
In addition, they are able to see what other items you carry that they may not be aware of, creating potential add-on sales. In the event their Internet connection is terminated, the order they were working on is automatically saved
so that they can easily complete it upon re-connecting.

Even retail customers, at your discretion, are able to log in, search for tires and order on-line. They can even view their own vehicle history, reducing phone calls and providing a value-added service that many of your competitors
are unable to match.

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eTireLink Mobility

eTireLink Mobility is a sales productivity tool that allows the wholesaler’s sales reps to easily conduct business while on the road visiting their retail dealers.  The reps can use an iPhone (with the Safari web browser) to check inventories in the warehouse, eliminating the necessity to boot up a PC.  The functionality of the application allows for the verification of inventory levels by warehouse. The user can also quote prices by inputting a gross profit percentage for the customer into the application. 


When the eTireLink products are combined with your ASA business system, they become the “must have" business tools for the 21st Century in the Tire and Automotive Aftermarket industries. eTireLink makes it easier for your customers and more cost-effective
for you to conduct business every day.

To find out how TireMaster Enterprise eTireLink from ASA Tire Systems can give you the tools to enhance and gain control of your eTireLink, call toll free at 866-210-6717 or email