An important key to your continued success is to effectively manage your most valuable asset, your business inventory. ASA’s Mobile Inventory Manager (MIM) module with barcode technology can take your business to the next level by providing you with the tools necessary to automate and streamline manual processes, improve inventory accuracy, make your employees more productive, enhance security and reduce shrinkage.

Even ‘typical’ shrinkage carries a considerable cost. It can take 4 to 5 sales to overcome the loss of just one tire. Multiply this by numerous incidents and the impact becomes significant to your bottom line.

Mobile Inventory Manager (MIM) incorporates a small handheld device that includes integrated barcode scanner in a rugged case to handle harsh warehouse conditions. The MIM scanning device allows you to quickly take physical inventory, process inventory receipts and transfers in TireMaster Enterprise (TME) in real-time. And with the ability to easily scan barcodes for accurate physical inventory counts in real-time, reconcile adjustments and post to inventory, MIM will help you to shave hours and even days off of the task of taking physical inventory. This streamlined process will allow you to incorporate inventory management best practices, such as cycle counts, to maintain a tight control on your inventory.

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Item Number / Barcode Maintenance

  • Link barcodes to item numbers
  • Print barcode labels from inventory master record
  • Import barcode data from spreadsheets or text file

Physical Inventory

  • Open count sheets created in TME on handheld device
  • Scan items to count
  • Transfer mobile counts to TME in real-time to run variance report(s) against current inventory
  • Multiple users can scan concurrently with MIM

Inventory Receipts / Inbound Transfers

  • Scan/record incoming items
  • Reconcile against vendor PO, ASN or internal transfer

Outbound Transfers

  • Create new/update existing transfers or transfer requests to ship to another company location

Ship & Bill

  • Scans new inventory, barcode tracked retreads (with and without repairs) and labor items
  • Generates customer work orders and transfers
  • Retrieves final counts from retread systems

Whether you need to manage one store/warehouse or a multi-location business operation, the goal is to reduce manual data entry costs, minimize your inventory write-offs and overstocks, and increase efficiencies in your business. Barcode data-collection technology is an effective way to automate manual processes, control inventory losses, improve your bottom line, and meet the competitive challenges your business faces every day.

For more information about ASA’s Mobile Inventory Manager, please contact your ASA Account Manager today!