July 2018

ASA TireMaster Shops Continue to Enhance Operations and Customer Experience Through Technology

BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY offers greater advantages to TireMaster shops as the partnership with ASA Automotive Systems continues to grow.

Imagine fixing the issues your shop faces every day, all while making money. TireMaster shops have gone digital with tools powered by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, creating a more efficient and productive shop.

Frustrations at the front desk and constant struggles of how to fill bays can wear down the passion for auto repair for any shop owner. Just as a vehicle needs fuel for power, an auto shop needs tools for growth. The advantages BOLT ON provides TireMaster shops continue to strengthen through the growing partnership with ASA Automotive Systems.

Convenience is as important to shop owners as it is to their customers. Mobile technology helps reduce paperwork and all related inefficiencies by connecting directly to the point-of-sale, a common request among tire dealers. Time is money, and with critical information available at the touch of a tablet, shops now have the tools for a more productive and profitable day.

While the advantages are easy to see in the shop, it’s TireMaster customers that are going to benefit as well. Digital inspections with photos texted directly to customers will help show, not just tell, why repairs and services are necessary. “Most customers can’t tell the difference between a 7/32 inch and 2/32 inch tread depth, but a photo is worth a thousand words,” said Mike Risich, Founder and CEO of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY. “It’s a real game changer for tire dealers and how they communicate with their customers.”

For more information regarding BOLT ON’s partnership with ASA TireMaster shops or to schedule a live demonstration with a member of the BOLT ON team at, please visit boltontechnology.com/asaauto

About ASA Automotive Systems

ASA Automotive Systems, Inc., based in Merrimack, NH and Meridian, ID, is the leading provider of software to independent tire dealers and automotive service providers, serving retail, wholesale, commercial and retreading enterprises. ASA’s TireMaster software family is a modular system centered on a strong accounting platform with integrated point-of-sale, inventory, financial and general management tools, helping businesses improve operations, reduce costs and increase profitability. For more information, contact 866-210-6717 or info@asaauto.com, or visit www.asaauto.com.


BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY (boltontechnology.com) designs automotive software solutions that solve the most common struggles facing the Automotive Repair & Maintenance Industry. By providing today’s repair facilities with cutting-edge desktop and mobile technology, time and efficiency constraints are drastically reduced, and considerable increases in productivity, revenue, and professionalism are gained.