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Tire stores now have the ability to jettison third-party software applications, such as accounting and financial software, and perform those functions within their ASA system. Shop floor and accounting operations no longer need to use multiple cumbersome, inefficient interfaces that are unable to share information.

From the start, ASA achieves time saving and cost reduction by eliminating third-party software. When accounting employees work on a single system, they have more time to focus on correctly entering and updating all financial information. This reduces the manual errors that often occur with duplicate data entry and time needed to correct them, allowing employees to devote more time to other valuable activities.

No other software gives you as much control

  • Faster, more accurate invoicing: Users make fewer mistakes when calculating totals. As a result, invoicing can often be accomplished in minutes instead of hours.

  • Improved AR and AP management: Accounting personnel can easily identify which customers have paid on time and which are behind. AR and AP aging reports also help identify customer performance over time.

  • Improved reliability: Eliminating duplicate data entry means users can efficiently perform repetitive functions without worrying about human error.

  • Up-to-date-information: Account balance information is always current because all records are automatically updated when accounting data is entered into the system.

  • More accurate inventory: Inventory and material movement transactions can be tracked by the second, including the application that created it and the individual who generated it.

  • Real-time financial analysis: For most transactions, the accounting data is recognized as soon as the transactions are recorded, allowing accounting personnel and management to make decisions in the moment rather than after the fact.

Additional software features:

Listen to what tire dealers are saying:

Accounting made simple, easy and integrated through GTX.

At Black's Tire and Auto Service, accounting used to be a slow and painful manual process: It took anywhere from 3–10 days before they could bill a customer, and everything had to be hand-written. Then ASA introduced Black’s to GTX, their revolutionary end-to-end software solution that does it all. Almost overnight, customers were billed the same day as their service. Manual processes became automated. Cash flow increased dramatically. Black’s discovered that GTX, driven by ASA, was the best all-in-one, end-to-end, easy-to-use software in the tire and auto industry—period. Just hit Play and let them tell you.