Breakout Feature

Cash Flow

If you’re a commercial tire dealer, chances are you’ve mastered the art of fleet maintenance and 24/7 roadside service. The question is, how long does it take for you to get paid for that work?

With an ASA software system, what used to take weeks is now paid in days. With multiple national account interfaces direct to major manufacturers, ASA has eliminated paper forms, chasing down delivery receipt requirements and time-consuming double entries to supplier web portals. Delivery receipts are accurately created at the point of sale and electronically transmitted to manufacturers with credits transferred to the dealer within days. Can you say, "Cash Flow?"

Key Benefits

Streamline Workflow

Manage every department of the business through a single system to raise efficiency to new levels, including bay management, dispatch, outside remote access, manufacturer connectivity and front and back office.

Improve Profitability

Business intelligence tools generate the ability for in-depth analysis of all aspects of the business, providing the knowledge necessary for taking corrective actions and guiding future decisions to maximize profitability.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

ASA’s tablet and mobile applications enable sales and service personnel to better engage with customers while in the field. With remote access to customer history and previous orders along with electronic signature capture on new orders, your competitors will be scrambling to keep up.

With software from ASA, your commercial business receives:

  • Integrations with major tire manufacturers for processing national account and government support transactions

  • Interfaces with leading retreading software programs for both major and independent manufacturers

  • Mobile tools for engaging your fleet customers in the field, creating work orders and checking inventory stock levels and prices

  • Vehicle and service history tracking by unit number

  • Inventory management for multiple locations

  • An email template for sending statements and invoices to AR customers

  • Report-writing tools for extracting and analyzing critical data

  • Customer casing tracker

Listen to what tire dealers are saying:

Black’s Tire & Auto Service went searching for software and found the future.

For two years, Black’s Tire & Auto Service crisscrossed the country searching for tire shop management software that could help them run their business more efficiently and effectively. After countless interviews, they almost gave up—that is, until the company making the very last presentation came to Whiteville, North Carolina: ASA.