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If you’re in the tire wholesale business, you know only too well that demand from different customers varies greatly. Forecasting demand and having the right tires in inventory, or at a minimum nearby, used to be a matter of luck.

No longer.

ASA software integrates with leading tire manufacturer’s warehouse management systems, such as Royal 4 and RT. The ASA system takes orders efficiently, picks and delivers merchandise, checks credit, processes invoices, collects payments, and encourages your customers to order and track shipments online. It also features mobile proof of delivery, which captures real-time shipping and receiving information.

Connect demand to supply in real time.

Make sure the right product is in the right place at the right location and deliver on time.

Demand sensing and inventory optimization

In sensing demand, machine learning is used to create a forecast based on demand signals originating at point of sale.

Track local demand

The tool also uses the same data to factor in the number and make of cars sold in local and regional markets, allowing dealers to automate the process surrounding replenishment of slow-moving goods.

With our Wholesale solutions, you can:

  • Reduce the time spent taking orders

  • Boost earnings with a sophisticated customer pricing matrix

  • Grow your online business with powerful
    e-commerce applications

  • Prevent lost revenue with credit check and collection tools

  • Integrate with industry-leading warehouse management systems

  • Create routes and pick lists

Listen to what tire dealers are saying:

TireRama put their worries aside and upgraded their 45 locations with GTX.

There were several reasons for TireRama to invest in a new software management system—45 locations across 1,200 miles, a workforce made up of more and more millennial-aged employees, upgrading sales capabilities in their retail stores, an out-of-date POS system—each in its own right a motive to make the change. Yet, something held them back. What finally pushed TireRama over the top and made them select ASA’s GTX? Find out here.