We live in a digital era where 80% of consumers perform online searches on multiple devices, including a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and phone. More than ever, websites serve as virtual stores where consumers browse tires and services before deciding on a purchase. In fact, according to Tire Review, 45% of online tire dealers’ customers look at 7–10 websites to identify the best brands and services before making a purchase. Thus, tire dealers must be active online to capture consumers’ attention early in the search process in order to retain leads and turn more browsers into buyers.

Fortunately, ASA is here to help you attract and retain more online customers. ASA provides dealerships with a full spectrum of integrated, customizable digital products and services specifically designed for the tire industry that instantly upgrade websites, search programs, online scheduling, email, texting and more. At the end of the day, we aren’t just providing you with software—we’re boosting margins, increasing revenue, lifting your bottom line and creating a more streamlined business that’s ready for the future.

Key digital software features:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Here’s an industry fact: 55% of consumers conduct online research before buying tires and scheduling repair services, according to a recent dealer study conducted by Tire Review. Not only is the way customers find shops changing, but the way customers expect to interact with your business is also evolving.

“Tire shops near me” searches are increasing. Your customers are now looking for a frictionless experience; they want faster, easier and more convenient services across all touchpoints. Whether it’s requesting a quote, scheduling appointments or making a payment, they want to be able to do everything online.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone knows consumers rely on search engines to find and evaluate local businesses. Studies have shown that the first five results on Google receive approximately 67% of all clicks. That means if you aren’t high on the results list, you’re missing out on a huge number of potential customers. Do you know where the best place to hide a dead body is? The second page of Google!

A website is ranked based on a number of website quality factors and trust signals that are crucial for keyword searches that have a local intent (i.e., where the user is looking for a nearby business). Your website’s SEO and local SEO qualities determine whether your business listing will appear in the top search and local map results.

ASA Digital will optimize your website and local listings with SEO tactics proven to improve rankings and monitor your SEO performance to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Over time, Google (and other search engines) will recognize and elevate your dealership in their rankings. Not only will your listing’s accuracy improve, but so will many other key customer research points, such as your online reputation, social media presence and overall online customer experience.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Those listings at the top of a Google search result that have “(Ad)” next to them are known as “Google AdWords”—paid placements based on the words or phrases a customer searching online enters in Google’s search query box. When a dealer decides to advertise for a search engine keyword or keyphrase such as “Tire stores near me,” every time a customer clicks on their Google Ad, the dealer pays Google a fee that correlates to how many other tire dealers are trying to buy the same phrase in their local area. The more common or popular the phrase, the higher the fee.

A good SEM campaign is one that gets clicks and ultimately brings in customers at a reasonable cost. At ASA Digital, we’ve developed a process that focuses on keywords or keyphrases that target customers who are nearing purchase, rather than those who are just searching. This means you’ll have a far better understanding of how your customers are searching, along with more inquiries and fewer wasted clicks for your money.

Managing Online Reputation

Managing Online Reputation

The tire and auto service industry operates in a highly competitive market, with multiple dealers selling the same tires and services at similar price points. Customer reviews have always played a key role in attracting new prospects; however, what used to be word-of-mouth is now online and permanent. From the awareness stage to consideration to purchase, online reviews of your store impact your search rankings and influence purchase decisions. That’s why it’s critical to build your online reputation with 5-star reviews and positive feedback in order to stand out. But how?

ASA Digital Review Builder is your answer. It notifies you immediately when a new review has been posted, allowing you to quickly scan the review’s content and, when necessary, take action. Positive reviews can be highlighted with gold stars and bold headlines. Negative reviews can be addressed and potentially adjusted prior to going mainstream. It’s a smart way to ensure your dealership is seen as a place where consumers can confidently know they’ll be well taken care of.



You’ve probably noticed the trend. Customers of all types are now ordering tires online and having them shipped to one of your competitors for installation. Yes, even tires are being bought online now—how are you supposed to compete with that?

With ASA Digital, that’s how.

ASA Digital offers e-commerce solutions to help you sell tires to a range of B2C and B2B customers online. With an ASA-programmed online store, you can show merchandise in beautiful high-resolution, 360º product images. Customers can safely and securely access your inventory, see if their tire is in stock, place an order and schedule installation, service or delivery. You’ll be able to quickly create packing lists and track account activity at your convenience—all while reducing expenses and increasing customer satisfaction and profits.

No longer will your dealership run the risk of being left behind. Call ASA Digital and join the online sales revolution today.

Mobile-Optimized Websites

Mobile-Optimized Websites

The way people browse the web today is rapidly changing. According to Google, 58% of searches are mobile-based, so it’s important to cater to these mobile users—otherwise, you may lose a significant number of leads. A few years ago, Google made an algorithm change to their mobile search results that promotes mobile-ready websites and penalizes those that aren’t designed for mobile devices—so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your search engine results ranking will sink, and you could find your dealership’s website buried in the Page 2 graveyard.

The trend from desktop to mobile shows no signs of slowing down; it may, in fact, be speeding up. You can check the mobile readiness of your site by visiting Google’s Mobile-Friendly test site.

Have no fear, however: ASA Digital can update your site, make it mobile-friendly and win back any lost visitors. Our responsive design expands or shrinks the website’s pages and images depending on the size and resolution of the customer’s screen; text and other elements will follow suit. You’ll be back in Google’s good graces in no time, with more business to show for it too.

Listing Accuracy

Listing Accuracy

According to the world-renowned SEO specialists at Moz, listing accuracy is Google's method for determining whether it can trust a local business search result. 4 out of 5 customers lose trust in local businesses because they notice incorrect or inconsistent contact details or business names online.

At ASA Digital, we start by making sure your NAP (business name, address and phone number) is consistent across all business directories, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing and Apple. If you have more than one location, we can emphasize a specific store based on the visitor’s IP address. Our professional listing management team will optimize your listings across 100+ business directories with a guarantee of over 97% accuracy in 30 days.

So give us a shot. We will ensure your listings are accurate and up-to-date.