Breakout Feature

Sales growth

In today’s highly competitive retail tire market, growing sales requires a lean and efficient store to keep operating costs to a minimum and the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing customer needs. It requires keeping your word with customers by following through on your promises and delivering quality tires at a competitive price. When you integrate into one of ASA’s powerful software systems, shop floor and sales management will shift into high gear.

Key Benefits

Speedy Check-in Process

Tablet-equipped service advisors have all the data they need at their fingertips: inventory, MSRPs, dealer pricing, time estimates and more, while also inputting turndowns and personal info.

Quick, Easy Payments

ASA software keeps all your data, like sales, accounts, inventory, etc. in one place so you can run all your reports from a single point of truth.

Understanding Vehicle History

See your customer’s entire vehicle and maintenance history, including jobs not performed at your shop, and print it on demand.

Inventory Awareness

Work orders, job detail, customer invoices—all are electronically completed same day, meaning quicker payments and money in the bank sooner.

These retail features come with added benefits:

  • Easy adoption and training

  • Increased POS revenue

  • Mobile products for enhancing customer interactions and car-side inspections

  • Inventory controls

  • Greater employee productivity

  • Integrations with leading industry providers for fitment guides, service history, credit card processing and parts and labor catalogs

  • Less time spent on daily operations

  • Better project management

Listen to what tire dealers are saying:

Accounting made simple, easy and integrated through GTX.

At Black’s Tire and Auto Service, accounting used to be a slow and painful manual process: It took anywhere from 3–10 days before they could bill a customer, and everything had to be hand-written. Then ASA introduced Black’s to GTX, their revolutionary end-to-end software solution that does it all. Almost overnight, customers were billed the same day as their service. Manual processes became automated. Cash flow increased dramatically. Black’s discovered that GTX, driven by ASA, was the best all-in-one, end-to-end, easy-to-use software in the tire and auto industry—period. Just hit Play and let them tell you.