This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could get by improving your shop operations with all-in-one point of sale, accounting and inventory software. Also, you can calculate how many new customers would come to your shop by getting found on "Tire shops near me" searches with digital marketing services.

Streamline Back - Office Operations

Imagine if you can save 2 days a month by using just one software for point-of-sale and accounting, what would this add to your bottom line?

Tire stores now have the ability to get rid of third-party accounting software applications and perform those functions within their ASA system. Shop floor and accounting operations no longer need to use multiple cumbersome, inefficient interfaces that are unable to share information.

From the start, ASA achieves time-saving and cost reduction by eliminating third-party software. When accounting employees work on a single system, they have more time to focus on correctly entering and updating all financial information. This reduces the manual errors that often occur with duplicate data entry and the time needed to correct them, allowing employees to devote more time to other valuable activities.

For an improved AR and AP management, more accurate inventory, real-time financial analysis, and up-to-date business information, ASA clients across North America, use built-in accounting. They save 2-3 days of work every month by having real-time POS, accounting, and inventory data in the same system.

Streamline Back - Office Operations

Assuming 8 hrs/day of work

Improve Shop Productivity

If combinations of modern features like digital inspections, appointment scheduler, virtual service advisor, and one-click access to parts and labor, etc. increase your efficiency of servicing more vehicles by 10%, how would that benefit your business?

Today, customers consider quality, on-time delivery, and frictionless experience basic requirements. ASA provides dealers with an array of features like digital inspections, customer appointment scheduler, virtual service advisor, and one-click access to the industry-leading parts, service intervals, labor estimating tools with local availability and pricing that not only meet but exceed customer expectations while lapping the competition.

Annual Increase in Shop Productivity

Improve Customer Retention

Imagine if you can retain one customer per month by analyzing customer and sales data better, using two-way texting in ASA's POS and integrated loyalty and rewards program, what would it mean to your bottom line?

Your customer retention results depend on your ability to analyze customer data. Can you analyze how many of your existing customers are no longer purchasing regularly from your business? Are they now going to your competitor's shop down the road every month? More than just knowing the churn rate, do you have any idea on why your customers leave you and what can you do to win them back?

ASA users get real-time customer data to determine customer buying behavior, uncover trends for product categories, SKUs, and sales analysis.

Communication is critical. Customers want to know how long their car will be on the rack as well as the scope of the repairs and cost. Those answers often change by the hour due to supply availability, labor, and unforeseen glitches. To avoid losing good customers, you need to constantly communicate with your customers to update them on repair progress and vehicle status, and send upcoming service reminders. Also, you can keep customers coming back with a variety of customer loyalty and retention programs. Whether it’s deferred service, point programs, or promotions, ASA has you covered.

Imagine if you can retain one customer per month by analyzing customer and sales data better, using two-way texting in ASA's point-of-sale system and integrated loyalty and rewards program, what would it mean to your bottom line?

Improve Customer Retention

Increase in Car Counts and Revenue

If appearing on the top 5 search results of Google with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your car counts by 10%, how much would it boost your margins and increase revenue?

“Tire shops near me” searches are increasing. Here’s a fun industry fact - 55%* of consumers research online before buying tires and scheduling repair services.

Can your customers find you online when they are looking for tire and auto repair services and get what they need?

ASA provides a full spectrum of digital marketing services, to improve your local search rankings with listings management, reputation building, and social media. Also, ASA offers websites, artificial intelligence (AI) powered messaging platform, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and consumer-facing tools to help drive traffic to your shop.

Annual increase in revenue from car counts

Growth in Add-on Sales

If a combination of add-on sales features like service alerts and declined services marketing improved your average gross profit by $3 per invoice, what would this add to your bottom line?

TireMaster clients have found that the effective use of add-on sales (i.e. balancing, valves, disposals, road hazards, shop supplies) calculated by invoice and service alerts to remind their customers of services due at the point of sale, has increased their average gross profit per invoice by $10.

Annual Increase in Gross Profits from Add-on Sales