July 2021

10 Must-Do’s for Small to Medium-Sized Tire Stores

Running a tire store—or any other business, for that matter—is a delicate process. There are lots of moving parts that can all affect each other and ultimately affect how well the store serves the customer, which is always the end goal. A good business always strives to improve and adapt their workflow to make the company more efficient and effective. Technology is playing an increasingly greater role in that effort by automating processes and streamlining background operations. We’ve rounded up 10 must-do’s for small to medium-sized tire stores that software solutions can assist with.

1. Texting Directly With Customers

People like quick responses, and people like texting. Why not bring that over to business? With ASA, you have the option to text your customers directly. Whether it’s about promotions or appointment updates, they’ll be notified and can quickly take action. In the digital age, that’ll be much appreciated.

2. Credit Card Processing

Cash is king, but credit is starting to dethrone it. If you don’t accept credit card transactions, you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. TireMaster offers credit card processing - meaning you’re one swipe away from giving your customers more payment options.

3. Digital Inspections

It’s useful to be able to chat and send videos or pictures in real-time. Why not use that technology for your tire store? With digital inspections in TireMaster, technicians can directly send pictures of issues they spot to your customers, letting them take action quickly.

4. Integrated Point-of-Sale

Are you using a separate terminal or software for scheduling, inventory, and sales? Breakdown the walls with TireMaster’s point-of-sale system, which can handle all three. You’ll be able to smoothly check sales against inventory or verify a customer’s appointments and service history from one software application.

5. eCommerce

Due to its convenience, the eCommerce market is only growing, and COVID has accelerated this factor. TireMaster poises you to take advantage of this trend, and directly send products to your customers.

6. Financial Reports

Even for numbers people, it’s convenient to have an assistant to give you the skinny with your business’s metrics. TireMaster generates powerful and clear reports that can help you make useful decisions for your tire shop, which even non-numbers people will appreciate.

7. Built-In Accounting

Tax season can be such a pain, especially for small and medium-sized tire stores. You’re trying to run your day-to-day operations, while also pulling reports and getting your tax documents together for your accountant - leading to long days and more headaches. TireMaster’s built-in account makes tax season a breeze; it handles the forms and numbers for you, saving you a headache before March 15th.

8. Customer and Service History

Not only is it useful to have an electronic record of your customer’s vehicle's history, but it makes them feel appreciated and builds brand loyalty. This is very important when building a customer base for your tire shop.

9. Inventory Management

Even for a smaller or medium-sized tire store, managing inventory is an important and demanding task. TireMaster helps automate the process by automatically logging what’s checked in and what’s sold so you’ll never lose track again. It’s a vital tool for helping streamline and scale your tire shop.

10. Digital Marketing

No matter your store size, it’s always good to grow your customer outreach. ASA’s digital marketing option helps grow your business by generating loyalty programs and promotions, keeping your current customers happy - while also attracting new ones.