May 2021

4 Must Do’s to Improve Your Tire Store

Is your tire store running like a well-oiled machine? We sure hope so. But even the most efficient, productive tire businesses could stand to make a few changes to help boost sales and productivity. Here are the 4 immediate changes you can make to help grow your bottom line.

1. Implement a Point-of-Sale (POS) System

Still using an antiquated cash register for sales transactions? Not only are they error-prone and outdated, but they’re also essentially glorified adding machines. A modern digital solution like ASA’s TireMaster can do far more for you. In addition to tracking and quantifying transactions, one of TireMaster’s many benefits is its ability to offer your customers loyalty rewards programs to keep them feeling appreciated—and buying more! The TireMaster system can also generate quotes and estimates for your customers quickly and easily, and with its built-in accounting module, can send out invoices the same day as service.

2. Inventory Management Software

Leave the Excel spreadsheet back in the 2000s. TireMaster’s Smart inventory management software will update your inventory in real time when items are checked in or out. No more making a customer wait hours because you didn’t realize you didn’t have a tire in stock. TireMaster will keep your service bays humming and running smoothly by keeping you up to date on your entire inventory—no matter how many locations you have!

3. Digital Inspections

TireMaster’s Digital Inspection tool allows your shop technicians to snap photos or videos of issues they may see and send them directly to the customer. Besides the honesty and transparency, customers will appreciate being able to respond and request action right away, especially if they’re not physically at the shop during the visit.

4. Ordering Parts Directly from the Supplier

TireMaster’s direct interface solution lets you order tires, wheels and parts directly from the supplier or manufacturer - saving you time and potentially money if you’re currently dealing with a middleman.

These 4 Must Do’s to improve your tire store are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the numerous benefits of TireMaster and how you can get your business not only running more smoothly and effectively, but profitably as well. Contact us today to learn other ways TireMaster can improve your store!