July 2019

4 Ways to Drive Revenue and Prep Customers for 4th of July Road Trips

4 Ways to Drive Revenue and Prepare Customers for 4th of July Road Trips ASA

According to AAA in June 2019:

48.9 Million Americans will travel for the 4th of July holiday

41.4 Million of those will be road trips

Except an increase in pre-travel tune-ups

The Majority plan to travel 50+ miles

AAA expects to rescue nearly 367,000 drivers roadsire this independence day holiday due to:

  1. Flat tires
  2. Dead car batteries
  3. Lockouts

The top 3 on-road issues

4 ways to prepare your customers and drive revenue:

Encouraging preventative vehicle checkups

Let customers know they'll need a thorough inspection to make sure their vehicle is in premium condition before a long road trip.

Promoting tire safety

Email your customers and remind them to make sure to have their tires checked before their upcoming road trips. Offer a special discount to customers whose tires need replaced.

Posting a road safety message on social media

This will help you get important road safety messages across to a wider audience and create more visibility for your shop. Include a 4th of July special offer.

Running a special discount on FOB Battery and key checks

Have customers bring their keys and FOBS in to check everything is in order and the batteries don't need changed to help prevent lockouts due to broken keys aor dead batteries.