December 2020

5 Review Response Templates That You Can Use Right Now

For responding to Google reviews for your tire and auto services business

Reviews account for 15.44%* of how Google ranks a local business. While ranking your tire and auto services shop, Google takes into account your shop’s star rating, total number of reviews and your response rate. It is therefore very important to respond to reviews to improve your local search rankings.

But responding to reviews should not take you hours. Creating review templates can help you respond to more reviews in less time. To get you started, here are 5 review response templates that you can use right now (just copy and paste) :)

Sample responses for great 5-star reviews

  1. Thanks {Reviewer First Name}, for the 5-star review. We are happy that you are happy. We are looking forward to your next visit. Whether you want to get an oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment or any other tire and auto services done, remember we are here to help.
  2. PRO Tip - People do read reviews. The more they know about what services you offer, the better. Therefore try to subtly add keywords. It will also help you optimize your keywords and improve your local search rankings.

  3. {Reviewer First Name}, we are so grateful for your 5-star review. We’re happy your visit at {store name} was great. Would you mind recommending us to your family and friends and too? We’d love to continue providing great tire and auto repair services to awesome customers like you. Thanks again.
  4. PRO Tip - Ask for more word-of-mouth publicity.

  5. Thanks for the great review, {Reviewer First Name}. Next time you or your friends want to visit us, please give us a call in advance and we will provide you with the best deals that you won’t find online. We always save the best for our best customers like you :)
  6. PRO Tip - Ask the customer to return and offer them a good reason to do so.

    Sample response for no so great 3-star reviews

  7. Hey {Reviewer First Name}, sorry to hear your experience was less than 5-stars. Please provide more information on your experience so we can come up with a solution to bring a big smile on your face...and a better rating too :) We can be reached at {store phone/store email}.
  8. Sample response for negative 1-stareviews

  9. {Reviewer First Name}, My name is {Responder Name} and I am the store manager. I am really sorry to hear of your not so great experience with us. Being known for our great tire and auto repair services, I would like to personally work with you to make things right. Please give me a call at [store phone number] or I can reach out to you if you prefer to discuss how we can make it up to you.

PRO TIP: Don't include your business name. You don’t want bad reviews showing up in search results.

While responding to reviews it’s also important you don’t come across as a robot. Sending out the same generic thank you message to everyone does not look genuine to the reviewer and also your potential customers reading your Google reviews.

If someone took the time to give you a great rating or leave a review, the least you can do is send an actual human-like personal thank you message. But, we understand, you can’t type a new thank you message every time. The trick is to create 4-5 review templates (like the ones above) and round robin the responses to add a human touch. Remember, people only like to buy from people :)

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*Read about local search ranking factors at