May 2021

5 Shop Floor Problems that Drive Customers Away

“The customer is always right.” “Customer is king.” Cliché, but they’re all true. No business can thrive and grow without loyal customers. But it’s not always easier to keep customers coming back to your tire shop, let alone attract new ones to grow the business. With consumers having an abundance of options, they have high standards for service. Certain things on your shop floor may actually end up driving some customers away. Here are five common issues that we hear from our partners, and some possible solutions to those problems.

1. Multiple Interfaces Slowing You (and your customer service) Down

You may have a dedicated machine or operating system for your sales and payments… then another for your inventory… then another for employee payroll administration. You get the idea.

Having multiple separate interfaces for your shop floor’s functions is inefficient and slows down the whole shop. Plus, it can make your shop more error-prone—you may schedule a customer when a part is not in stock or create an incorrect quote. Customers are picky, and longer waits or clunky service are all it can take to send them away. We recommend a solution like ASA’s TireMaster, which is an integrated POS system that keeps all of your customer information, inventory, scheduling, and billing all in one place - which will save you precious time and headaches.

2. Annoying Phone Calls

Customers can sometimes fall behind on payments. Although it’s a bit more understandable in the hardship of the pandemic, you have to keep the lights on too! Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than receiving a dozen calls for bills they don’t owe. And if it happens to your customers a few times, it’ll turn into a shop floor problem. With TireMaster, there is improved AR and AP management that will show you who has paid on time and who’s behind. So there won’t be any repeated calls for up-to-date customers.

3. Incorrect Quotes

We’ve all had a time when we went to buy something and were told it was discounted, or a different price, only to have been misled when we’re in the checkout line. Maybe it’s happened in your own shop—customers getting a final price that’s different from their estimate or quote.

This is more likely to happen if you have different interfaces instead of one POS solution. TireMaster consistently calculates accurate invoices, and it does them quickly too, easily solving this shop floor problem.

4. Missing Past Records

Customers—like all humans—like to feel important. If you have an accurate history of their preferred brand of tires or past services, they’ll not only feel more valued, but it’ll make their service more efficient.

If you still use paper records or a separate records software, then there’s a greater chance that you won’t be able to pull up a customer’s history—if at all. TireMaster electronically stores your transactions, invoices, and vehicle history, so customers will have their preferences stored, and you’ll be appreciated for it.

5. eCommerce

Online shopping was already growing for years, but COVID-19 gave it another push. As a result, many people expect businesses to give them the option to order products or schedule service online.

Tire shops are no different, and by not having an eCommerce option, you could be driving away customers before they even arrive at your store. TireMaster’s eCommerce option gives them this convenient feature, and if customers are impressed by your online products and service options, they’ll more than likely show up at the store for your business too.

Are there any issues we’ve missed? Contact us today to see how ASA can help you eliminate the headaches and bring more customers to your tire shop.