July 2021

5 Ways to Modernize Your Tire Store Purchasing

Inventory is essential to any business operation. After all, you can’t make a sale or tout a product if you don’t have it in stock. The same rule applies to tire dealers. But like many business operations, purchasing and stocking your inventory can be mundane and difficult to stay on top of. Fortunately, there are several software solutions to help automate purchasing tires, making your store more efficient with fewer errors.

1. Purchase Directly From Manufacturer

Let’s face it, the middleman is annoying. They can impact the price or availability of your product, cause delays or dissatisfaction with customers if they can’t deliver the parts or tires on time, and so on. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just interact and order from them directly?

ASA’s TireMaster™ allows you to do just that. You can order directly from parts and tire suppliers and never have to deal with a middleman again.

2. Up-to-Date Customer and Vehicle History

Consumers have their preferences, and by keeping accurate, up-to-date records, chances are excellent that they’ll keep coming back to you. If you log their preferred tire brands, as well as their vehicle history, customers will feel more appreciated, and their visits will go smoother. No longer will you need to rely on old Excel spreadsheets, TireMaster will automatically store an electronic record of the tires and work every one of your customers has previously purchased for their vehicle, making their preferences accessible and easy for repeat purchase.

3. Built-in Accounting

TireMaster’s biggest fans are often dealership accountants. In addition to the day-to-day convenience of utilizing a single point of entry and truth for your accounting, come tax season, TireMaster makes it easier than ever to organize all of your financials so that your accountant can quickly and efficiently get your business tax returns completed. Instead of multiple different software pieces for inventory, accounting and operations, TireMaster allows you to manage your entire business within the same software suite.

4. Inventory Management

As we’ve said, having the right inventory in stock is essential. But hand-counting or relying on warehouse workers to update your files are prone to errors and can bring your sales to a grinding halt if something’s missing. That won’t happen with TireMaster’s inventory management option.

With TireMaster you can automatically log what’s checked in and what’s sold so you’ll never lose track again. It’s a vital tool for helping streamline and scale your tire shop. You can also maintain the right stocking levels, identify outdated items and automate the replenishment process with preset stocking levels.

5. Point of Sale

It’s frustrating when you have multiple software packages that don’t play nice with each other. For example: using a dedicated inventory manager, then a dedicated payment system, then different scheduling software. TireMaster is a full point-of-sale system. It tracks your inventory, lets customers pay for their tires (or order them with an eCommerce option), and allows you to order directly from the manufacturer, all within the same suite—thus, eliminating duplicate data entry.

TireMaster’s inventory module is all about convenience, efficiency, and accuracy—and is just one example of the numerous features and benefits this amazingly well-rounded software can provide for your dealership. Contact us today to learn more about how TireMaster can help modernize your tire store.