May 2024

ASA: Trusted Choice for 22% of Tire Business's Top Commercial Dealers

We are delighted to share some exciting news! 22% of ASA customers have been recognized in Tire Business Top 50 Commercial Dealers for 2024.

Tire Business just released its annual commercial tire rankings, showcasing the top 50 commercial dealers in North America. These rankings offer valuable insights into various key metrics such as company ranking, yearly sales, % change over the year, company-owned outlets, service trucks, brands carried, and retread systems.

For top commercial dealers, cash flow is crucial. It fuels growth, supports investments, and ensures long-term success. That's where ASA's enterprise software comes in.

With ASA's enterprise software, you can streamline your payment process from weeks to days. No tedious paperwork, chasing after delivery receipts, and dealing with time-consuming double entries on supplier web portals. ASA's enterprise software provides direct interfaces to major manufacturers, simplifying the entire process. By generating accurate delivery receipts at the point of sale and electronically transmitting them to manufacturers, you can receive credits within days. Talk about boosting your cash flow.

"At ASA, we understand that our success is intertwined with the achievements of our valued customers. We take pride in supporting businesses leading the pack in the tire and automotive industry," said Ashley Hopkins, Enterprise Products Director.

“Our enterprise software demonstrates our dedication to simplifying and improving the operational landscape for commercial dealers. Through a comprehensive system that seamlessly integrates all aspects of their operations, from bay management to dispatch and beyond, we empower dealers to navigate the complexities of their industry effortlessly. With the inclusion of business analytics and mobile tools, we offer the essential resources for dealers to enhance profitability and build strong relationships with their fleet customers.”

For over 34 years, ASA has been the trusted leader in assisting tire and auto service dealers in the US and Canada. Our enterprise software, GTX and TireMaster family of products offer integrations with major tire manufacturers, interfaces with leading retreading software programs, mobile tools for fleet customers, vehicle/service history tracking, report-writing tools, customer casing tracker, and more. For more details, commercial dealers can visit our dedicated page.

Congratulations once again to our valued customers for their well-deserved recognition in the Tire Business Top 50 Commercial Dealer List of 2024. Their impressive accomplishments continue to fuel our passion for delivering innovative solutions that propel success in the tire and automotive industry.

Our outstanding team, reliable partners, and loyal customers are the foundation of our organization. Their priceless contributions drive our software development efforts and strengthen ASA's position as a leader in the automotive software industry.

So, why not dive into ASA’s Enterprise software GTX and the TireMaster family of products? Discover for yourself why top commercial dealers trust ASA’s software to boost their tire and auto services could be the next success story ;)