May 2021

Can You Serve Your Customers the Way They Want to be Served?

Repeat customers are the key to business growth. By remaining loyal, they’re ultimately responsible for your tire store’s success thus far. Therefore, keeping your long-term customers satisfied should be one of a company’s main objectives.

While customers have always had expectations about the types of service and products they receive, in the age of the COVID pandemic, those expectations have changed. The question we find on many tire dealers’ minds is “Is your tire shop equipped to serve your customers the way they prefer during this time and as their expectations continue to evolve?”

How Customers’ Expectations Have Changed.

Technology, software, and computers have been working their way deeper and deeper into many industries for years. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic gave technology a massive push: “Zoom” became a word like Google, serving to mean meeting with someone or some others online, as working from home has become the new norm for the time being—and may continue to be for, well, ever. Because of these developments, customers are now expecting technology to be far more integrated not only within their work lives, but also the products and services they purchase. Plain and simple, this means doing and selling more online because of the convenience it brings.

Direct communication through text messaging, along with the ability to schedule and order online, mean your customers now expect to go about their day-to-day lives with minimal interaction in their retail purchases. Naturally, the larger your tire organization, the more difficult it can be to provide the high-quality service that meets their expectations.

That’s where we come in. TireMaster by ASA can help your business meet the wants and needs of today’s consumer easily and efficiently.

How TireMaster Can Help Serve Your Customers the Way They Want to be Served.

- Communication

Did you know that any given text message is read 98% of the time, with 90% being opened within the first 3 seconds of receipt? Humans love texting: it’s convenient, quick, and very reliable, mainly because people’s phones are typically within reach at any given time. It’s no wonder restaurants, delivery services, and professional services have started messaging updates directly to their customers. Now with many workspaces being virtual, people have come to appreciate the direct and rapid communication texting has to offer over phone calls and hold times.

That’s why TireMaster’s texting solution is an additional option that goes a long way toward satisfying your customers’ expectations. Far more convenient than playing phone tag or trying to reach them through emails that could end up in their spam folder, receiving updates on their service in real-time is a method of communication they’ll truly appreciate.

- eCommerce

During COVID-19, online shopping grew 10-fold. Now that this convenience has been discovered by all of the masses, it means it’s both growing and here to stay. Not having the capability to sell your products or schedule your services online automatically puts your business at a disadvantage.

Once again, TireMaster to the rescue. Our eCommerce tool allows you to sell your products online directly to consumers around the country, or the world for that matter. Making a service appointment for new tires or engine work is also a convenient and highly useful function of the tool. It’s another service your customers will appreciate, and some might say, even expect, of your dealership.

Don’t Let Them Down.

Remember, repeat customers are the lifeblood of any successful business. TireMaster gives you the ability to keep them loyal and satisfied. It’s superior combination of many feature solutions will improve multiple aspects of your tire business, from inventory to sales, TireMaster can help with it all. Request a meeting today to learn how you can better serve your customers the way they want to be served.