August 2021

Efficiently Running Retail, Commercial, and Wholesale Tire Stores

No matter what type of store your tire shop is, it can always benefit from being more efficient. That means working smarter and not harder in order to maintain the shop and satisfy your customers. An efficient store makes less mistakes and maximizes the output of your time and work, which in the end translates to more satisfied customers, employees, and more sales.

Technology has gone a long way toward making operations in all sorts of industries more efficient. Just look at how it’s helped so many keep their jobs—and companies afloat—by letting them work remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. The tire store business is no exception, and ASA has curated several software features within its GTX software package that will help efficiently run your chain of tire stores, whether you deal primarily in retail, commercial or wholesale services. Here’s a little bit about some of the most valuable features.

Customer Appointment Scheduler

Still have a paper calendar on the shop desk or wall? GTX’s Customer Appointment Scheduler will help level up your scheduling game. If there’s one thing consumer trends taught us from 2020, it’s that customers appreciate a little more autonomy in their transactions. So instead of your customers having to call and see if the shop closest to them has any availability, they can schedule appointments themselves online. For you as the owner, instead of having to look in multiple places to figure out your shop’s appointment for the day, you can just look at one place - GTX's Customer Appointment Scheduler.

Directly Order Parts from Suppliers

The middleman seems to exist just to delay your orders and change the prices, right? With GTX, you can communicate with and order parts directly from your suppliers, bypassing the middleman. You’ll be in control of your tires from manufacturer to installation, saving you and your customer time and making your store run that much more smoothly.

Inventory Management

It’s great being able to have more control over your parts and tires, but inventory is just as important. GTX’s inventory management system will make your inventory the most efficient in town. It scans and logs whatever comes into your stores and does the same when you make a sale, and when it leaves each store, letting you automatically create your next order, based off your min/max.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Perhaps the most effective way to make your tire shop more efficient is to have a birds-eye view of what’s working and what isn’t. From your sales volume to customer trends to loyalty programs and more, GTX can generate intelligent reports that can be used to decide which of your programs are working, and which ones aren’t. You’ll become more efficient and successful by focusing on what’s yielding the most for your business.

With ASA’s GTX, you can efficiently run your retail, commercial, or wholesale tire shops thanks to the software’s powerful features—but that’s only scratching the surface of its capabilities. Check out our website to see what else GTX can do to make your tire shops work smarter, not harder.