July 2021

Growing Your Tire Store Enterprise

Bridge the Gap Between Your Tire Stores

A few years ago, you took a risk and decided to open your own tire store. The store did well so now you’ve expanded and scaled your business to a couple of stores or more. First, congratulations—that’s an awesome achievement, pat yourself on the back! But now that you’ve scaled your business to a few locations, you’re trying to find a way to help you connect and oversee them all.

Obviously, you can’t be in two (or more) different locations at once, and even though you may have a trusty management team at each store, we get it—you like to see for yourself how things are going. We can’t quite clone you, but what we can do is explain how ASA’s GTX software can provide you with total visibility by connecting all of your stores to a single central software hub.

GTX Connects

GTX was specifically built for multi-location tire and automotive businesses like yours. Whether you have two locations or twenty, it functions the same to consolidate all locations’ data and operations. You can access each store’s data and operations from head office or any store location as well. This is not just convenient; it also allows you to have one consolidated central location where you and your management team can oversee the entire chain.

GTX connects you to every bit of data in each of your store locations. From purchases and sales, to inventory and marketing, you’ll know exactly what’s going on at each store. It’s like being in every location at once without having to leave your seat.

GTX Enhances

In addition to viewing your entire operation’s metrics, GTX lets you remotely manage customer interactions and promotions. You can create promotions tailored for each store’s particular clientele and customer demographics—and quickly learn the results. What’s more, you can compare how your promotions and other marketing outreach initiatives are doing within each store, generating marketing data for informing customer management and interaction decisions.

GTX Analyzes

Arguably the most useful feature, GTX not only compiles your data, but it breaks it down into smart business analytics. Figures like profit margins, common price points, and sales data, can all be used to identify trends at your tire shops. Are customers preferring one brand over another? Are customers at that location staying near a certain price point? Has a consistent pattern buying emerged? GTX allows you to adjust your inventory and marketing programs to cater to any identified trends.

GTX packs a lot of value into its software package. It is the ideal solution for overseeing and managing a multi-location tire store enterprise. Its software features connect your tire stores and guide your decision-making with comprehensive data. See for yourself. Contact us today for a no obligation demo and discover how GTX can help your operation become more efficient and more profitable.