October 2023

How to Automate Tire Ordering and Restocking Using Technology

Inventory is absolutely crucial for any business operation. After all, you can't make a sale or promote a product if you don't have it in stock. The same applies to tire dealers. However, like many business operations, the process of purchasing and managing inventory can be tedious and challenging to keep up with. Luckily, there are numerous software solutions available to automate the tire ordering process, making your store more efficient and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Choose Inventory Management Software
    Look for a solution that helps you effectively manage your inventory, and avoid the risks of overstocking or understocking. So, what exactly should you be on the lookout for? Inventory tracking, inventory management, integration with suppliers, order fulfillment and procurement, inventory control, and the ability to transfer inventory between stores.
  2. Integration with Suppliers
    Integrate your inventory management software with your tire and parts suppliers’ systems. This seamless integration allows you to have instant access to supplier catalogs, pricing, and availability in real time.
  3. Implement Barcode or RFID Scanning
    At the core of tire inventory automation is the ability to track individual tires accurately with a barcode or RFID scanning system. You can effortlessly assign a unique identifier to each tire in your inventory. Scan the tires upon receipt, sale, and any movement within your inventory.
  4. Set Minimum and Maximum Stocking Levels
    Specify the minimum quantity that will prompt a reorder. This quantity is determined by analyzing factors such as past sales data, lead times, and safety stock requirements.
    Indicate the maximum quantity for this tire type/size. This quantity should consider elements like storage capacity, inventory turnover rates, and market demand.
  5. Automate Reorder Triggers
    Set up your inventory management software to automatically initiate reorder requests as soon as inventory levels dip below the predetermined minimum thresholds. These triggers will take into account multiple variables, guaranteeing prompt restocking and ensuring you never run out of stock.

We speak your language (all of them)

The ASA tire inventory system speaks the same computer language as almost all major manufacturers, so your ASA system can talk to their system and reconcile all orders and payments accurately and easily in mere minutes. It can also adjust your orders to min/max levels automatically based on what’s selling, without you having to do a thing.

Give us a shout-out. We'll be happy to evaluate your specific tire inventory management needs, the number of suppliers you work with, and the tire brands you carry to automate your tire ordering and restocking process.