March 2018

How to Connect with your Customers Better

How to connect with customers better with texting.jpg

Communication is key for auto service departments and tire shops. Customers want to know how long their car will be on the rack, the scope of the repairs and cost, and those answers often change by the hour due to supply availability, labor, unforeseen glitches, and more. So how can you keep open a clear line of communication with customers who increasingly don’t own landlines, are always mobile, and often prefer voicemail to talking to a live person? 

The answer: Texting

Most texts are opened within 3 minutes but an email can sit in an inbox for days or weeks. 

According to the Pew Research Center in 2015

  • For 64% Americans texting is the most used feature on their on smartphones
  • Smartphone ownership is highest among young users, ages 18-29

This means that texting will only accelerate in coming years as it becomes the primary form of digital communication.

With text messaging integrated into your POS software, you can send customized text messages to customers to:

  • Update them on repair progress
  • Share inspection findings for repair work that is needed   
  • Send follow-up messages after services are complete     
  • Alert them of upcoming service schedules...and more

Are you taking full advantage of texting to generate more income and retain loyal customers?

Download our Guide to Texting. It's full of ideas and best practices in texting for your tire and auto services business.