September 2023

Integrated Accounting Vs. Third-Party Accounting Software

For tire and auto service shops

One key distinction between integrated accounting (built-in accounting) and third-party accounting software for tire shops is that integrated accounting consolidates all accounting-related functions of your tire and auto repair shop into a single, user-friendly application.

This means that your purchasing, customer management, account analysis, and accounts payable and receivable applications are seamlessly integrated together. You can get one-click access to improved AR and AP management, more accurate inventory, real-time financial analysis, up-to-date information, and more, all within a single tire shop management system.

However, third-party accounting software is a stand-alone accounting program not integrated with your tire shop software. This means that you’ll need to manually enter data from your tire shop software into the accounting program.

Key features of integrated accounting:

General Ledger

With integrated accounting in your tire shop software you'll get a chart of accounts, general ledger, check register, and financial statements, eliminating the need to manage your books elsewhere. Transactional activity posts automatically, with the option for manual entries.

Accounts Receivable

With built-in accounting in your tire shop software, you'll be able to manage your cash flow effectively to prevent and resolve customer account delinquencies. You can view credit limits, available credit, customer notes, and account balances at any sales stage.

Accounts Payable

With built-in accounting in your tire shop software, you can easily access account balances, invoice details, and payment history for each vendor. You’ll have the flexibility to limit the check run to a single supplier or a group of vendors, helping you keep your bills paid and your vendors satisfied.

Financial Reports

You'll have access to a variety of standard documents that provide detailed information on your financial performance, including income statements, balance sheets, and reports on aging, and payments.


Why not make good use of the customer, vehicle, and sales data that you're already collecting?

With integrated accounting, you have the ability to assess the performance of your tire and auto services business through comprehensive reporting at both the store and company levels. On a unified dashboard, you can analyze your business by examining profit margins, accessing data on location or salesperson performance, and customizing the information to any desired time frame. This allows you to quickly identify any shortcomings in profits or sales goals.

To sum up, integrated accounting software offers tire and auto service dealers a streamlined solution for effectively managing their shop's finances. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, it ensures that all your financial information is consolidated into one convenient location.

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