October 2020

Not Sure What to Post on Social Media for Your Tire and Auto Service Business?

Try These Social Media Trends for every Day of the Week

What’s the most challenging part of using social media for your tire and auto shop?

If it's coming up with content, don't worry you’re not alone. Between choosing to do everything that keeps your business going vs. creating content for your social channels daily - it’s easier to hit pause on your social media marketing...And it’s a no brainer that you’ll create new content every day for social media if you did not have 10,000 other things to do.

To help shake things up, try these social media trends every day of the week:

Motivational Monday - Kick off the work week with inspirational quotes. You can take the quotes from Pinterest or an image (for free of course) from great sites like Unsplash, PixaBay and Pexels.

You can also post quotes and pictures in line with the other trending social media hashtags like Monday Morning (#mondaymorning), Monday Blues (#mondayblues), and Monday Fun Day (#mondayfunday).

Tuesday Facts - For the most part, Tuesday’s social media trends are focused on tidbits, facts, or trivia. Every Tuesday just Google some crazy car facts and post on your social media platforms. Better yet, tell your shop story. How you started, when you started, with how many techs and service writers, how many vehicles have you serviced so far, how many customers you have served so far and put a smile on their faces and the list goes on. People buy from people not businesses, so make your shop more humane by telling your story to your followers.

Some popular hashtags for Tuesday are Tuesday Vibes (#tuesdayvibes), Tuesday Treat (#tuesdaytreat), Tuesday Trivia (#tuesdaytrivia), and Transformation Tuesday (#transformationtuesday).

Wednesday Wisdom - Wednesday is for imparting wisdom to help your followers pull through the rest of the week. Every Wednesday you can share a piece of advice (just 2-3 lines) on tire care tips and car care tips with your followers. If you feel very creative that day, maybe you can also design an image with the very easy to design and free Canva tool (also it comes with preloaded designs). If you find something interesting on MTD, Tire Review, Tire Business that you think your potential customers will benefit too from it, share it away on your social media platforms. Again the idea is not to write content every single time because let’s face it we all have other jobs too :)

The other popular hashtags on Wednesday are Wednesday Humpday (#wednesdayhumpday), and Wednesday Words (#wednesdaywords).

Throwback Thursday - Use the popular hashtags #TBT and #ThrowBackThursday to share historical, recent memories, pizza parties, coffee breaks etc. This is a chance to share your company’s history and story; again customers will love getting to know you on a personal level.

Fun Friday - Happy Friday! Finally the day that everyone waits for. Today is your day to get creative, witty, funny and silly. Share a photo of your happy customers or happy technicians, a video of your customers going gaga, your team doing a little happy dance, your shop’s pizza party pics, a goofy meme, or a picture of a bright sunny day outside—anything to celebrate and ring in the weekend is perfect.

Weekend Specials - Special Offers - Put on your thinking cap and come up with some special offers on the most commonly used services like wheel alignment, oil change, tire rotation etc. Post those offers on all your social media platforms and make those offers applicable only for a couple select days next week. That way when all your potential customers are chilling on the weekend and browsing through their Facebook/Twitter and Insta, your special offer post would help entice them to drive to your shop next week for getting the recommended services done (because who doesn't like saving a few bucks.

Did you know 72% of consumers now choose dealers based on their social media and web presence? Read the recent study conducted by Tire Review for more details.

If you’re not taking advantage of social media by regularly posting content, not only are you losing additional business but also missing out on the only non-intrusive way to engage with your potential customers on a personal level.

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