July 2021

Simplify Your Tire Store Enterprise with Operational Excellence Bar None: GTX

No matter how good your service or how long your line of customers is, your tire shop will come to a grinding halt if you don’t have the right inventory on hand to meet demand. As critical as maintaining the proper inventory is, let’s face it, it’s complicated—there’s almost a science to keeping the right stock in anticipation of customers' needs.

Fortunately, there are solutions to help you simplify managing your inventory, as well as your tire store operations. ASA’s GTX software can streamline your inventory and keep your tire store running smoother than a new set of tires.

Inventory Management

This first software option might be the most powerful. Instead of manually logging shipments or sales into an Excel spreadsheet—or worse, with pen and paper—GTX will automatically log and update your inventory as soon as items enter or exit the store or warehouse. It can also alert you when a certain item’s stock is below a threshold and prompt you to order more. It’s like having your own designated inventory assistant.

Direct Ordering from Parts Supplier

The legendary Andrew Carnegie sought to remove the middleman in his steel business, and you can do the same with your tire store. GTX’s features allow you to order parts directly from the supplier or manufacturer. This way, there are less people in the middle that can affect the price and timeliness of delivery. With GTX, it won’t be long before you’re asking yourself why you ever dealt with a middleman in the first place.

Customer Service and Vehicle History

Knowing a vehicle’s history and tire preferences can be a tremendous timesaver both for you and the customer. By keeping an electronic record of your customers’ service history and tire brand preferences, you can update your inventory in advance of a customer’s appointment. When they arrive to find that you’re totally prepared and ready to go, they’ll feel cared for and appreciated. That’s called a win-win.


What good is inventory if you can’t sell it efficiently? GTX offers an integrated POS system that can be accessed on any connected computer terminal and accepts credit card payments or eCommerce sales. Integrated with the inventory management feature, when a set of tires are sold, your inventory is updated in real-time.

GTX’s powerful software features connect every aspect of your entire operation under a single “point of truth,” resulting in an enterprise that runs not only dramatically more efficiently, but much more profitable as well. See for yourself, by contacting us today for a demo and consultation to discover what GTX can do for you.